Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Miri Bulatan Park

Miri bulatan park is probably the earliest recreation park set up in Miri. It also incorporate a traffic garden within it. Bulatan Park literally means "Round Park" and I have no idea why it was name that way. Maybe because it is located along Jalan Bulatan.

A stone structure at entrance courtyard

I have fond memories here as this was where I usually jog in the evening for about 9 months when I was a student at the nearby Prime College Miri (the site of Miri blind Society at Jalan Jee Foh 8).

It is a scenic jog around the tarmac here with the surrounding trees and lake as the backdrop. A complete lap around the track is about 800m. The track actually goes round the lake. I think my best record here is doing 8 or 10 laps.

The park has a huge lake with a clock tower in the middle. Boat jetty and canteen is also available at the edge of the lake.

I don't recall there is a bridge connecting the park with the clock tower during my days here. What a shame that the clock tower no longer functional now.

This traffic garden should be the venue for the annual Shell Traffic Games in Miri.

The Pavilion is located at the other end of the park and I am sad to see its present condition. Some of its fiber glass roof tiles are gone and the once beautiful fountain no longer function.

I hope to jog here again in the near future to relive my 1997 memories here.


Reanaclaire said...

Over here in IPOH, most of the parks I used to frequent when i was young, are now very "ghostly", meaning they are very quiet now, not like my younger days where kids ran here and there, feeling carefree ane safe.. nowadays, parks like DR Seenivasagam is almost deserted, people avoid going with kids anymore.. it is just not safe... only Polo Ground is popular nowadays.. i guess Miri is also facing the same thing in certain parks, right?

escape said...

just a perfect place for me to jog! the pavilion will be a great place for break time.

Josephine said...

I like that mini petrol station

Xiao-Kia said...

Ya me too. The shell station so cute. I like it ^^

Superman said...

The little Shell Petrol Station is cute. At least Miri have bigger parks than Sibu.

Asian Traveler said...

Miri Bulatan Park looks huge. And I have to agree with them regarding the station.

Rublyee said...

Seems like you went to Miri again. Haha this used to be the place that I went pak to before we left Miri years ago.

Seems like everything is still the same except the malfunction tower clock and the fountain. too bad.

TNH said...

If not mistaken, Kuching also go a traffic garden..never been before so can't tell how it is..