Thursday, July 2, 2009


Barcelona, the self confident and progressive capital of Catalunya is a tremendous place to be. Thought it boasts outstanding Gothic and Art Nouveau buildings and some great museums, it is above all a place where there's an enjoyment simply walking the streets (especially the Ramblas), stopping in at bars and cafes, drinking in the atmosphere.

Right at the harbour end of Ramblas, Columbus statue can be seen standing and pointing out to the sea from the top of a tall, grandiose column

Besides modern art, Barcelona offers above all through the work of Antoni Gaudi some of the most fantastic and exciting modern architecture to be found anywhere in the world. Without doubt his most famous creation is the incomplete Sagrada Familia (metro Sagrada Familia). The size alone is startling, with 8 spires rising above 100m. For Gaudi there are metaphors for the Twelve Apostles; he planned to build four more above the main facade.

Casa Battlo is a building restored by Antoni Gaudi and Josep Maria Jujol. The facade of this building is decorated with mosaic made of broken ceramic tiles

This is another cathedral in the city, probably with some touch from Antoni Gaudi

The hill of Montjuic has far more varied attractions, 5 museums, an amusement park, the "Spanish Village", the Olympic arena and a castle with a grand views of the city. If one had the stamina, it will be a nice walk tackling the stiff climb. Funicular railway is available to get up to the hill.

Palau Nacional at Montjuic is the centrepiece of Barcelona's 1929 International Fair and now home to one of Spain's great museums.

Around the hill was what once the principal Olympic arena, passing some dazzling new buildings-the Picornell swimming pools and Japanese designed Palau Saint Jordi. These are overshadowed only by the Olympic Stadium itself, the Estadi Olimpic, built originally for the 1929 Exhibition and completely refitted by the Catalan architects to accommodate the 1992 opening and closing ceremonies.

I will always remember the way the 1992 Olympic flame was ignited at the main stadium, by a flamed arrow through an accurate shot from a bow.

Castell de Montjuic, built on seventeenth century ruins stand elegantly just nearby the Olympic stadium.

One should always be aware of pick pockets while in Barcelona (especially at Ramblas). I remember I deliberately put waste paper in my pockets to confuse them. One of them actually out of nowhere grab me and dance at the street while his hand checking my pockets.


Kikey Loo said...

lovely city, definitely wanna got there. hmm.. quite worry abt the pick pockets though..

Judy Song said...

thatz one of the countries i haven't visited yet! but yeah, i still got plenty of time next year!

Superman said...

like those architecture of the church.

Josephine said...

hey, when was the photos taken?

Borneo Falcon said...

Photos were taken in 1999

I AM A BLOGGER said...

omg, wat a beautiful city!
1999....omg, 10 years already^^
good memories^^

foongpc said...

Nice place! Wow! Didn't know they have so many pickpockets there! And you put waste paper in your pockets to fool them? That's a good idea! : )

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