Sunday, July 26, 2009

Parachutists Trial Jump @ Wisma Sanyan

Wisma Sanyan had been selected for the trial jump for some local jumpers who will participate in the "Tower International Jump Tour 2009" yesterday morning. Wisma Sanyan which stands at 126 meters (27 levels) is currently the tallest building in Sarawak.

There were a few curious crowd who might had read about the scheduled trial jump from the newspapers. Some of them had been at the town square before 8am.

I believe some reporters were also present to make the coverage

The trial jump was supposed to start at 0800 but somehow it only materialized at 0820. It was a perfect day. Clear sky and no wind to disrupt the jump

This is the first jump from the first jumper. It was rather an anti-climax jump as the first jumper released the parachute rather early.

It was the same case with the second jumper. It will be more interesting if they released the parachute a bit later, preferable at mid point of Wisma Sanyan.

Well, there were only 2 jumpers executing the trial jump. Most of the crowd here were expecting a second jump but that did not happen until 0930.


Ben said...

pheww, the 8th photo make the jumper looks like dangled by the tree branches ;)

Johnny Ong said...

27 storeys is not really that tall to have such a jump

foongpc said...

Open the parachute midway? Won't it be too near the ground already? That's risky, man! : )

foongpc said...

Btw, you've been tagged : )

eric said...

aint u suppose to work on saturday morning? curi tulang???
btw, great photos..i wish they can offer ppl to jump too..
rm 10 per jump, jump 3 times free 1 time..LOL

Ciela said...

Wouldn't it be too risky if they are to open the parachute on a mid point jump? Great shots!

TNH said...

this really look interesting..