Thursday, July 9, 2009

Transformers Armada: Thrust

Thrust is a master tactician and was summoned by Megatron in his campaign to win the war against the Autobots in the Armada series.

Thrust packaging by Takara. Comprehensive as usual.

The package include Thrust, Mini-Con Inferno, 2 missiles for Thrust and 1 missile for Inferno

Thrust alternate mode is a F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

There is a special port just behind the fighter for Mini-Con Inferno to attach for added firepower

In alternate mode, Thrust can supports up to a maximum of 4 Mini-Cons

Mini-Con Inferno alternate mode seems to be a mobile rocket launcher. Inferno is personally picked by Thrust as his minion in the cartoon series.

Thrust robot mode. Thrust has decent articulation in robot mode.

Thrust can hold a maximum of 3 Mini-Cons in robot mode

Megatron called him "squid head" for obvious reason.

Thrust had another hidden weapon. With the help of Mini-Con, his wings can be rotate 360 degrees to form a vortex to disperse incoming enemy.

Thrust and Inferno

Thrust bio card. Thrust is actually promoted to second in command, replacing Starscream after his arrival to assist Megatron.


Anonymous said...

cool stuff!! I also got some mini transformers!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Wow! Nice one!

mhel said...

Hey, I've learned something about "Thrust" today. It really does have a "squid head". :)

Bengbeng said...

when u have any plans to go pic hunting with yr new cam , invite me :)

i am thinking of a rural setting. something traditional, lots of greens n browns

eunice said...

ha! " money to buy" that was the tune we used to sing when we were young haha! My bro collected some when he was young, so I played them too, no Barbie doll to play with that was why lol