Friday, July 24, 2009

Lambir Hills National Park

Lambir Hill National Park is about 32km from Miri city. It took us 30 minutes drive via the Miri-Bintulu road from Miri.

Before exploring the national park, one will need to register at the Park's office. Entrance fee is RM10 per person. One must leave the park by 5pm. So, it might be wise to come here early (I think they are open as early as 6am).

Chalets are available at the Park's office for those who plan to spent an overnight here. The room rate is around RM100++

This is the layout of the Lambir Hill National Park. It is actually pretty huge and one will need one full day to reach the top of Lambir Hill. However, most visitors come to the park to enjoy the waterfalls here, especially the easily accessible Latak Waterfall.

According to the information at the Park's office, it will take 3 hours 30 minutes to reach the summit of Lambir Hill. That equates to 7 hours to make a return journey back.

The journey is relatively easy initially. There are a number of banana trees after 5 minutes walk from the starting point.

Some of the trees here are also labeled.

Water stream along the path is a sign the waterfall is probably nearby.

After 10 minutes or so, the first waterfall was sighted. It is only a small waterfall with no particular name given to it. In the map, it is only named Waterfall 1

Just a couple of minutes away from Waterfall 1 is another small waterfall called Waterfall 2

The most visited waterfall in this park, the Latak Waterfall is not far away after passing Waterfall 2. It took about 15-20 minutes walk to reach Latak Waterfall from the starting point.

Latak Waterfall. I notice there is a trail leading to the top of the waterfall but the trail had been closed, probably due to safety reason

There is a huge picnic area at Latak Waterfall. This is definitely an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the tranquil surrounding and the waterfall.

The water is reasonably clean and safe for a swim. Toilet/shower facilities are readily available nearby this area.

However, swim at your own risk. Lifebuoy is available nearby in case of emergency.

This is the life guard tower at Latak Waterfall but I guess no one is on duty here for a very long time now.

Latak Waterfall is only one of the attraction here, there are more waterfalls (Nibong, Pantu, Pancur, Tengkorong & Dinding Waterfall) and hills (Pantu & Lambir Hills) to be explored along the Pantu trail, not far away from the Waterfall 2.

Pantu trail is a physically demanding trail with its hilly terrains. I lost the number of times we had to go up and down the hilly terrains here to get to Nibong Waterfall.

There is a tree tower at the beginning of the Pantu trail. Unfortunately, the tower is in a deplorable condition and closed to the public for safety reason.

The tree tower was built by Operation Raleigh and was designed by John S.K. Cheng of Forest Department Kuching.

Some colourful mushroom species along the Pantu trail

Finally, we arrived Nibong Waterfall after walking for about 50 minutes (1.2 km) along the Pantu trail.

There is nothing special about Nibong Waterfall but the water here is definitely cleaner and clearer than Latak Waterfall. There is not much open area to have a decent picnic here, let alone any facility. However, Nibong Waterfall is definitely a good place to take a refreshing dip. Lifebuoy is available here in case of any emergency.

Small fishes seems to thrives at Nibong Waterfall. This is not the case at Latak Waterfall.

I don't have the opportunity to venture further from Nibong Waterfall due to the physical limitation of my wife. I heard the Pantu Waterfall offers more spectacular view.

I will definitely come back in the future to fulfill my quest to visit all the waterfalls and conquer the Lambir & Pantu Hill, probably on my own. Those trip could easily consume 1 full day and more than 5 litre of water.


mhel said...

I like waterfalls because of the fresh air feeling and calming effect. The summit of Lambir Hill is a bit too far for me.

Hey, I noticed you got a new haircut. :) Where's the photo of your beautiful wife? :)

Khin Hooi said...

I think all national parks are open at 8 am. like office hour.

And don't forget to mention there is student price for secondary and IPT students for only RM 5.00 or a group of student of 5 for RM 20.00.

Last time the Latak Waterfall has been closed for a relatively long time, it is open now?

Grace said...

Awesome views, sights and spots, Borneo. I enjoyed the photos and wish I can have the chance to see them myself. Thanks for sharing this to us. :)

Superman said...

Been there once only. Thanks for the coverage.

Cindy said...

I've never been to national parks, I wish I could go there after looking at your photos!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I was there but i didn't go to the waterfall. I was lazy at that time. Uwahaha

jam said...

I think many life has been lost at Latak Waterfall over the years.

I AM A BLOGGER said...

wow, 7 hours for whole journey!
anyway, a great day with the nature^^

btw, reply ur comment about Olympus cam on my post^^

eunice said...

it's certainly about fresh and unpolluted air in this park! and waterfalls produce -ve ions good for our health, right? so many fishes in the water, did you try fish spa? hehe

Bengbeng said...

i must go there one day. i love the waterfalls. never been there though i heard of it before

xsigns said...

Blockbuster post once again borneo! A word of caution for those who plan to rent a chalet there for an overnight romantic getaway. Come evening that place will be infested with mozzies! In mozzies I mean nasty mosquitoes! Some which are extra large in size!

renaye said...


Rublyee said...

wah.., I have never been to the lambir national park before. I didn't even know that there is entrance fee need to pay and there are so many waterfalls. I tot only one.

Ciela said...

Very beautiful place! Waterfalls are so enchanting! Lovely nature!

Las montañas said...

nice post! may be going there next week!