Thursday, July 30, 2009

Luak Esplanade

Luak Esplanade is located at Luak, some 5km away from Miri City. It can be reached by driving along the coastal highway.

The esplanade has a long stretch of beach facing the South China Sea.

The sandy beach is white and clean

This is a great place for family outings and leisure

Marine shells among the sand in the beach

There ain't much facility here, except for a huge parking space but it is an ideal place to enjoy the sea breeze.

Lastly many thanks to Lifesigns for lending his camera during my time in Miri to capture all the photos while we were there last month. My camera was unfortunately defective at the time we arrived at Miri.


mhel said...

I envy your strolling at the beach. The place looks serene.

Oman said...

really refreshing. i won't mind the facilities. i'll go back packing there and enjoy the waters and the views.

Superman said...

Nice beach and got shell. Not bad.

Anonymous said...

wow..i love the beach!! It's really clean!!

Port Douglas hotels said...

This is such a stunning beach that a traveler should visit. Very beautiful and eye-catching. Everyone who'll visit it will definitely fall inlove with the beach.