Sunday, January 18, 2009

RH Hotel

RH Hotel is probably the best place to stay for any traveler to Sibu town. It is centrally located and taxi is easily available outside the hotel

The hotel lobby is spacious and comfortable. The lifts to the rooms are just next to the reception counter.

Chairs are available at the lobby area for the patrons to sit and relax

There are a few power supply outlet and phone line socket can be seen around the lobby area. Anyway, wifi facility is readily available either in the room or lobby area

There is also a piano at the lobby and I had yet to see anyone playing it

There are also these photos frames hung at the lobby area which I heard was taken by Jacky Studio of Kuching.

The business centre and function rooms here are probably the best in town

On the way to the hotel's ball room, I was rather attracted by the design of the light's decoration

The corridor (after one step out of the lift and on the way to the room) offer a spectacular view of Sibu town

Wisma Sanyan, the tallest building in Sarawak is just next to this hotel

The guest room's door is opened by key card. As far as I can remember, this hotel is the only hotel in this town that use key card to access the room

There are a few room types here (Standard and Deluxe been the most sought room). The Deluxe room (rate around RM180++, corporate rate) shown here is more spacious than the standard room (standard room is very hard to get and usually selling out quickly like hot cakes).

The TV set for the room should had been upgraded to flat screen plasma TV or anything equivalent to balance up the ambience of the room.

King size bed

There is a couch next to the bed. Ideal for reading books.

All the room view is facing the town square and the Rejang River

Wisma Sanyan, a popular shopping complex for the Sibu folks is just next to the hotel

Swimming pool is also available for the hotel guests

2 bottles of complimentary drinking water with tea/coffee available for the hotel guest at each room

Safe deposit box is available at each room. This is a nice feature as no other hotel in this town offer safe deposit box at guest room. Ironing board is also readily available

The toilet and shower are spacious. Nice and comfortable.

RH hotel is currently the best hotel in Sibu town. It has the best location and facilities but not necessary in term of service. There is always room for improvement in that department


Anonymous said...

Hi Friend! This an attractive hotel. You're blessed to have such nice hotel accommodations. Good photo shots too! Shoots like a professional huh? Are you?

Btw, thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your comment. You too my friend, take care!

TNH said...

I stay in this hotel once is nice..however, this is the only hotel i stay before in Sibu, so i don't know how the condition of other hotel. Heard that kingwood also not bad.

Anonymous said...

yeah it's a nice place indeed. we wanted to have our christmas eve buffet there but found out the charges per head was 70RM :(

Annoymous said...

I realised the piano looks eerie. Out of nowhere too. Imagine you hear a piano piece when no one is playing

James TC Wong said...

I'm glad I discovered your interesting blog! I enjoyed reading your postings! Good...good...xD

Syaoron said...

Hi can ask some questions?Do you shoot these photos before or on the Christmas day.

Borneo Falcon said...

I shot these photos after Christmas day.

Kingwood Hotel is definitely another good hotel in Sibu but the location might not be ideal. There is a new extension to it now and still under construction. Should be interesting how it will turn out to be.

Nanaybelen said...

nice place to stay

sabahking said...

If get chance go to sibu to melancong i will live there since u promote about it !!

EJ said...

looks super deluxe...

Anonymous said...

good shots!

Anonymous said...

luxurious one, how much does it cost per night?

Anonymous said...

I must visit Sarawak one day...

Anonymous said...

The hotel looks pleasant and nice to stay! You can have a g ood view of Sibu town.

xsigns said...

I am curious as to your purpose of being at that hotel. Checking out the room for a friend? Or you are spending the night there yourself for a romantic getaway.

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