Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sebangkoi Recreation Park

Sebangkoi Recreation Park is situated about 25km from Sarikei town and slightly over 1 hour drive from Sibu

I always heard about this park but never stop over to really explore it. It is quite a huge park with a large lake in between. The lake water is kind of murky and stagnant. The hill and jungle are behind this lake

There is a shelter at a corner of the lake for visitor to enjoy the lake and the park

A few animals sculptures at the hill of the park. Most of their paint had started to fade

Behind those hill are some jungle treks. There is a water stream and mini waterfall somewhere inside those jungle. The water is not exactly clean but it is safe for a swim. The waterfall attract quite a number of visitors during the weekend.

The simple route will take about 15 minutes to complete. For those who are adventurous enough, one can opt to venture deeper into the jungle

The simple trek will terminate at an exit facing the main road. Somewhere around those area I spot a hornbill statue, the official mascot for the state of Sarawak

Random shots around the park

The park is now badly maintained by the concerned authority and pretty much in deplorable state. It is such a shame because it is such a beautiful and wonderful park. This park is ideal for picnic, jungle trek, swimming and family outing.

Just next to this park is a resort (Sebangkoi Country Resort) where visitor can spent a night there and get closer to mother nature


Anonymous said...

Murky & stagnant? A breeding ground for mosquitoes? Eeek!

escape said...

your place has a lot to offer. parks are beautiful.

Annoymous said...

It reminds me of a place in Singapore, less the tigers and the horses

Anonymous said...

Other than the nature, what other things can be done there?

Anonymous said...

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Borneo Falcon said...

Hmmm.... from what I gather, the resort also don't offer much except jungle trekking and waterfall (which is the same route as the recreation park).

I AM A BLOGGER said...

It is great to walk in the green.
Ooo, it is so green! I love the park(^^)

Anonymous said...

dont you get boring at roads, come i will show you a greenery park its wounderful