Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chinese New Year Visit 2009

I had been doing house visiting from the first to the third day of the Chinese New Year. Let me share my experience here

We been served with some delicious food such as curry, beef rendang and ketupat.

These are the most common food served by the host to the guest. Usually there are cakes, snacks, sweets, peanuts, chips and etc. We were served with soft drinks, beer, wine and hard liquor.

Auspicious item such as mandarin oranges can be found in almost every household

Here are some of my ex schoolmates with their wives

We visited their houses and do some catch up on their latest development. Some are working in Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Bintulu and Singapore. So, Chinese New Year is the only time of the year I got to see some of them.

Most of them were interested in our school magazines when at my home. I still kept the school magazines from 1992-1996. The photos from the magazines had shown how much we had changed physically.

Somehow during home visit, some of them took this opportunity to horn their photo shooting skill

We manage to venture to some houses backyard and found some cute collections from the owner such as this guinea pig, rabbit, hamster and Rottweiler.


soulesscloudy said...

rendang for CNY???? really special wor...

pusangkalye said...

wow!!!! a lot of fruits---and....are those candies? love it!!!

I guess you really celebrated new year with a bang there. hope this year would bring you a lot of blessings Falcon

LEon said...

Wow! That's a lot of pet in one backyard!

Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy , I miss u guys and the CNY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice post on the cny..
whoise pet is it

Borneo Falcon said...

Well, I won't define pet as the rabbit and guinea pig were for sale. They sent it to the market to slaughter and sell the meat.

The animals belongs to my wife's friends.

Unknown said...

agree - the rendang is special in a way! :) and nice of you to take photos of you and yr mates this festive season :)

Piggiemily said...

Serving Curry Chicken, Beef Rendang and Ketupat somehow became one of the CNY Must have food in Sibu. The muslim's hari raya food has now became part of the Chinese culture. So the MUHIBBAH...!