Sunday, January 4, 2009

Imperial Hotel Miri

I stayed in Imperial Hotel during my recent visit to Miri. This is my first stay at this hotel. So, let see what this hotel had to offer.

The hotel is conveniently located at the City Centre at Jalan Pos (adjacent to the Post office). Taxis were readily available once one step out of the hotel.

This is the lobby and the front office of the hotel Very spacious indeed. I have to say I was rather disappointed with the front office personnel. They rarely smile and not very friendly by my standard. There was no apology when I request my newspaper language to be changed from Mandarin to English (Hey, I was not even asked which was my preference when I checked in. They just assume I read mandarin newspaper just because I'm a Chinese).

I also notice they hardly took back the feedback form which I try to left for the hotel management when I check out.

Basically there are two types of rooms in this hotel, the hotel guestroom and the Imperial suites (which is actually an apartment). I was late to confirm the hotel room (as I were in Penang at the time for assignment) and the Hotel guestroom had been fully booked. Hence, I been allocated the Imperial suites (1 Room Deluxe) at RM172.50 with breakfast. The Imperial suite consists of twin bed room, living room, dining room and kitchen.

This is the key card to enter the room. The key card also had a secondary function, which is used to activate the lift to the room's floor. Without inserting the card into the lift's slot, the lift will not budge. Again, I was not been told about this by the front office personnel and I had to figure it out myself

I was also given this but never been explain what it is for. But I figure out eventually that its purpose is to activate power for the room.

The twin bed room is spacious. The wardrobe is huge with ironing board available.

This is the room view. AT Taqwa Mosque can be seen here

Kitchen with its utensils. Unfortunately, I don't get to use all these as I don't cook for this trip

The dining table with 2 welcoming drinking water and the living room

The TV and air conditioner control panel are sealed in this plastic bag. The suite is cooled by 2 units of split unit type air conditioner

I been told that hotel guestroom is better than the suit. Just note there is no carpet for the suite but there is carpet for the hotel guestroom. Without the carpet, the feet can feel pretty cold

The function rooms, swimming pool, restaurant and sauna are located on the 5th floor

The concourse on the 5th floor is huge and beautiful

The Ball Room on the 5th floor

The 5th floor is also connected to the Imperial Mall. Imperial Mall can also be accessed via the hotel lobby

The door to the left leads to the swimming pool and the right door to Palm Terrace Cafe (for breakfast)

The breakfast selection here is satisfactory for a 4 star hotel

Hotel swimming pool and the surrounding view.

There is also a sauna here. Somehow the sauna area is shared with the toilet

There is a bible inside my room which usually suggest there are ghosts in this hotel.


Johnny Ong said...

hahahaha, since when is the presence of a bible in a hotel signifies that the hotel is being haunted?

Jason Law said...

I heard that too.. A bible in the desk indicates there are ghosts...

Have any supernatural experience there?

soulesscloudy said...

got such indication?? bible for christian.. how about other religion?? hmmm....

Borneo Falcon said...

I never had any supernatural encounter before in my life but was told by someone who is working in the hotel line that a presence of the bible usually indicate ghosts, spirit and etc.

Kev said...

Firstly, the presence of a bible or a Quran doesn't signify the presence of any supernatural beings. I've been to many hotels, and each room has a holy book. In Miri, since there are more Christians, it's logical to have bibles in hotel rooms.

Secondly, I like the interior of the Imperial Hotel. It's clean too but I would throw away the table lamp that looks out of place :)

Ketam said...

I found a Buddhist holy book while staying at the katerina Hotel, Batu Pahat, donated by Japanese Buddhist Group. But most hotels normally have a bible.

Shelyn said...

I have never seen Buddhist Holy book, really curious to read about it.

Nice Borneo blog! So next time if I visit the east, I can refer to your blog.

Pandora said...

Borneo Falcon:

Hi. Have a great day


Annoymous said...

Every hotel has a bible, i heard if the bible is open when you came into the room ... then you better pray hard.

But it could be the chambermaid making fun of you.

Anonymous said...

it's amazing how most hotel rooms in sarawak has a bible in. i miss miri, we had the most events taking place year in and year out at Imperial hotel. :D cheers!

kegler747 said...

This is my first time to hear that Bible in hotels suggests that there is a ghost in the building :) I hope it's not true

Kikey Loo said...

the hotel is quite nice.. :D

Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice decent hotel! I been to hotels with a Bible in the drawer, there's no supernatural stuffs happened. it's quite normal to have a Bible in each room.
Thanks for sharing again!

Anonymous said...

Lols, ya, if you found a bible in your room, it means that there is a ghost.. O_O

Ciela said...

That's a beautiful hotel. Looks so comfy. I don't think having bible in a hotel room signifies presence of ghost. Hotels usually have them.

Nice photos of the place. You're a good photographer!

Anonymous said...

Every standard hotels in Malaysia will have a bible in the room desk. This is for Christian for prayers and it did not suggest that the hotel have ghost. Don't scare people and let them have the impression that if there is bible, there is ghost. Will make people cannot sleep well.