Thursday, January 22, 2009

Low Cost Carrier Terminal @ Sepang

LCCT is an abbreviation for Malaysian Low Cost Carrier Terminal at Sepang. This airport is home to some budget airlines in the region especially Air Asia.

Before arriving to the airport, I manage to snap an aerial view of Kuala Lumpur

Upon landing the aircraft will pass through Malaysia's main airport KLIA (Kuala Lumpur Internationa Airport), the home to all the full service carriers.

The LCCT is virtually just next to KLIA

The domestic arrival hall after disembark from the aircraft. There are a few bus counters here that sell tickets to KL Sentral from RM8-9

In way of the exit from this departure hall is an advertisement for Tune Hotel, another no frill hotel. The actual model size of the room offered by the hotel is on display here. Tune Hotel is not my choice as the room and toilet are small. On top of that, one need to pay extra for air condition, towels and etc.

Left luggage facility is available just outside the domestic departure hall

LCCT is never my favourite airport. The airport is always crowded and there are hardly any place for me to sit and dine at the terminal

As an alternative, I always exit of the terminal and turn left to a huge food court called "Food Garden" to relax and dine.

The "Food Garden" is huge and spacious. Not many people patronize this place. The food sold here sucks and your best bet is to dine at KFC here.

Bus station/stop had been slightly shifted to the left after exiting the terminal. The bus station/stop can be seen if one walk from the terminal to the "Food Garden"

This green bus (Airport Liner) will take passenger to KLIA for a fee of RM 1.50

The red bus (skybus) will take passenger to KL Sentral for RM9

There are some renovation and extension works carried out just outside the terminal

The check in areas and counters are always crowded

I usually head to this self check in kiosk where there are virtually no queue here. However, this check in is only available for domestic flight with no check in baggage

There is an educational display in way to the entrance of the international departure hall as to what items not to be carry on hand luggage or risking been confiscated by the airport authority.

Here are the airport layout structure. The airport is basically a single floor building (second floor is the administrative offices). It's not huge and one should able to get around without much issue.

The Domestic Departure Hall. Strangely enough, there is no information board on the flight's arrival and departure time here. Definitely will cause a confusion should a flight been delayed or gate been changed.

There is not much activities to engage here. Basically, there are only 3 shops to visit at the domestic departure hall

Bottled water is a bit pricey here. There is another way to save on this. At the domestic departure hall, just outside the woman's toilet is this water dispenser unit

Saw this decoration at the departure hall

The gate at the departure hall. There is no aerobridge whatsoever here. One had to walk along the designated path to get to the aircraft.


Annoymous said...

Ah you should had come see our budget terminal in Singapore. its the same as what LCCT is.. but its really budget... you'll know if you come here

sabahking said...

I hate air asia aeroplane !! the seat are very small !! want to walk also difficult !! if get money i want try other aeroplane !!

Kikey Loo said...

well i used to take airasia! :)

kegler747 said...

I've been to LCCT over a year ago but most of the shops are closed as it was about 1AM for my Cebu Pacific flight back to Manila... Where is the Tune Hotel at LCCT? Is is within the airport complex?

Borneo Falcon said...

From what I gather, Tune Hotel is next to the Post Office, which is about 5-10 minutes walk from the terminal. Scheduled to open in a few more months

Josephine said...

Name only Lost Cost.
Food there very very costly leh!

LEon said...

That's a detail entry! Like I just walked the LCCT. LOL

Annoymous said...

Howcome shops will close after 1am? Its suppose to receive visitors all 24 7 right.

kegler747 said...

Thanks for the reply. I booked a room there on April as I will have a 16-hour layover enroute to Siem Reap. I don't want anymore to go to KL because all I want to do is rest. I will just not expect much because I just paid RM11 for the room, at least it is new :) I stayed before at Pan Pacific KLIA but now I don't have the budget for that.

I'm taking Malaysia Airlines so I guess I'll just take the shuttle bus from KLIA to LCCT then just walk to get to Tune Hotel.

xsigns said...

A detailed photographic walkthru of the LCCT, which they are bidding to move out from if they can get the green light to build a new airport which is managed by Airasia instead of Malaysia Airports Sdn Bhd

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soulesscloudy said...

TONY should enhance the self check machine.. coz the slip will fly away lo...

got one time checked in for 4 ppls and the slip keep throwing out... nearly fly away ONE... haihzzz

pusangkalye said...

I hope to visit Kuala Lunpur one day and see the difference myself......

Anonymous said...

i take the airasia plane the last time i was in Malaysia and theres alot of people in the airport...