Monday, June 23, 2008

Sibu Town Square Phase 2

Sibu Town Square Phase 2 is huge. It is separated from the main town square by a main road. Combining those two squares will result in the biggest town square in Malaysia. There are a few structures that made up the town square phase 2. The beautiful river front, garden, free parking space, museum, container storage area, grass field and the "gravel trap".

The garden is beautiful. Even the lamp post is unique. Iban (native tribe) carving is clearly seen on the lamp pole.

As sibu is what they called "Swan City", Swan is a symbol to this town. Hence, the swan sculpture can be found in the middle of this garden. The sculptures are also carved with Iban's carving.

The garden is well maintained and clean. The bushes are also well trimmed.

Here is the river front. An annoying thing about the river front is the view as shipyards are just opposite it. Not really a nice and romantic sight. The Igan river flows across the river front.

There is also 2 sheds like this available for the public to sit. Anyway, there are plenty of open air seats available at the river front and they are comfortable to sit.

There are ample of parking spaces, both for car and motorcycle here. The river front and the park is a popular spot for friends and couples to hang out at night.

However, vandalism still happened. Shame on those people.

There is a hospital museum nearby the garden, the Lau Hing Howe Medical Museum. It is not open yet but will soon as renovation still take place. Originally, the garden and the river front are actually the original site for the Lau King Howe Hospital, the first hospital in Sibu. Most of the structures were demolished to give way for this town square. This small remaining building is preserved after many objection by the Chinese associations here that claim the hospital need to be maintained for its historical value.

This Chinese characters read "Lau King Howe" and can be found next to the museum

There is a huge grass field that made up the most area in the town square. In the evening, some kids will play kite here. Some people will jog here as well.

Next to the grass field, is what I call the "gravel trap". It is full of stone for many years now and nobody knows why it is left as it is.

Somewhere in the middle of the grass field, there is a big giant tree. This tree might spook some people off. The tree is very old, never really know how old it is. No one dare to bulldoze or uproot it for the fear the old tree has spirit and those who try to destroy it will probably find bad luck, or even death.

Just behind the tree is Paramount Hotel. There had been a lot of ghost sighting in that hotel by the staffs as well as the guest. Due to its close proximity to the previous hospital site, I think it make sense where those sighting originate from. I personally stayed at the hotel for 1 night but nothing happen.

Just beside the tree is this shed. Some people sit there and chat during night. There is no chair inside the shed though.

Behind the museum is the port container storage area. Sibu port is just next to the town square. Last year, there was an incident where the port area was crowded with containers and they have no place to store it. Hence, they came out with this solution. In fact, it is the poor management by the port authority that cause the mess in the first place. By the way, the chairman of the port authority is an ADUN (Barisan Nasional candidate), so you can imagine the inefficiency.

There is a small jetty, situated at the end of a small path beside the medical museum. The ferry will fetch pedestrian/cyclist (RM0.20) or motorcyclist (RM0.30) across the river bank, near the shipyard area.

OK, last view of the town square from across Igan river.


lifesignx said...
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lifesignx said...

Whoa there! Mighty long post, might be the current longest post you have on Borneo Tips. Now you do have a nick for highlighting the nitty gritty details though. Massive picture input overload!

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Kutu Cat said...

I was born in that Hospital! Didn't realise the location until you showed that picture. Wow, that's a mighty big piece of land they converted into a town square.

KY said...

oOo a mixture of old and new, nice.

Balqiz said...

Me and my family will drive over from miri to sibu next month to send my sister to Mukah. Plan is to spend few days in Sibu since we never been there before (shockin I know) and this post helps to know where can we go for sight seeing. Good job!

Johnny Ong said...

nice of u to bring us around virtually. wonder when will i step foot in yr town

Borneo Falcon said...

Hope some of you will make it here and enjoy some of the places I highlighted now and in future post

Prily said...

wow!!!!look at all the photos and the presentation in general.well-done!Hope i can visit Sibu in the future.....Been to Miri,Sandakan,KK,but never reach this far....

elezend said...

[The ferry will fetch pedestrian/cyclist (RM0.20) or motorcyclist (RM0.30) across the river bank, near the shipyard area.]

That's really cheap... almost like the price you paid to use public toilet.

Do they earn enough for a price like that? the diesel they use is getting more expensive lately

Borneo Falcon said...

The ferry operator earns a fortune. They have a big bungalow across the river. One will never thought a ferry operator can own such a big house. The traffic is very good in the morning and evening when people from across the river goes to work and vice versa. I believe they are using subsidized diesel still

BB said...

hmmm.. is that really a 'shed'? Cos i've been there, and the sign says about the tree(spooky one). According to the sign, the tree is actually a tombstone. Someone used a small stem of tree as the mark for the grave, and the stem grew and became that very tree. Sadly, in the 'shed' i found dogs poop(dung) which made it smelly. SMC should take better care of Sibu generally. :)