Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Transformers and MASK Collection

As it is still Gawai Holiday, it is my second day doing some tidying and cleaning around the house. Since the day before I cleaned my computer and the surrounding areas, it is time to clean the boxes and packaging of my precious collection, the transformers and MASK toys. Some of these toys are from my own collection, bought when I was just a kid back in 1987-1989 (Mostly MASK toys). The transformers I get mainly through ebay since 2004 until 2008.

Here is basically where I store all the toys. All these boxes are sturdy. I would not pick a weak box which will deformed easily when knocked and etc. It the box is crushed, the toy inside will likely crush as well. The boxes need to be wiped to get rid of the dust and spider webs. The same goes to the area adjacent to it.

Here is my full collection of Transformers Armada (Japanese called in Transformers Micron Legend). As you can see, there are all from Takara.

This is a closed up of the Autobots from the Armada series. I have Optimus Prime, Jetfire, Overload and Hot Shot. Optimus Prime, Jetfire and Overload can combined for added firepower.

This is a closed up on the Decepticons from the Armada series. I have Galvatron, Starscream, Tidal Wave (Shockfleet), Demolisher and Cylonus (Sandstorm). Galvatron and Tidal Wave can combined for additional firepower.

Transformers Armada series is based on the Minicons. They are the gimmick for this series. Here are some of the Minicons in my disposal. All are from Hasbro

Next is the Transformers Energon Series (Japanese called it Transformers Superlink). I believe I had the most Transformers toys for this series. I had a mixture of Takara and Hasbro for this series.

A close up on the Autobots in Transformers Energon. I have Optimus Prime, Wing Saber, Rodimus, Landmine, Wheeljack, Hot Shot, Prowl and Bulkhead. Optimus Prime can powerlink with Wing Saber to form Wing Convoy for added maneuverability and firepower. Rodimus, Wheeljack, Prowl and Hot Shot can powerlink with each other. Bulkhead and Landmine can powerlink with their accessories for more firepower.

A close up on the Decepticons in Transformers Energon. I have Megatron, Shockfleet, Energon Starscream, Starscream, Demolisher, Snowcat, Laserwave and Wideload. Unfortunately, the Decepticons don't have the powerlink ability but they are gifted with greater built in fireblast. I am a bit disappointed that I didn't manage to get Takara SD-20, General Galvatron. It is rare and expensive. Otherwise, I would have complete set by Takara for the Unicron Trilogy.

The last of the Unicron Trilogy is Transformers Cybertron (Japanese rename it Transformers Galaxy Force). The gimmick is basically the cyber key. Again, I have all the toys in this series from Takara.

Close up view of the Autobots for Transformers Cybertron series. I have Galaxy Convoy (Optimus Prime), Ligerjack and Sonic Bomber (Wing Saber). Both Ligerjack and Sonic Bomber can combine with Galaxy Convoy for more strength and speed.

Close up view on the Decepticons for Transformers Cybertron Series. I just have Master Galvatron and Flame Convoy (Scourge). Not many Decepticons caught my attention for this series.

The last in my Cybertron series is Excellion. He is basically Hot Shot, repainted with red and yellow with some fire stripes. Look cooler this way!

I only have one Transformers from the G1 group, Rodimus Prime. This is a commemorative series by Hasbro. Rodimus Prime is my favourite character for G1 series.

Here is my boxed collection of both MASK and VENOM. Note that Thunder Hawk and Switchblade is MISB (Mint in Sealed Box). A mix of European and US boxes are in my collection. I could have more of this original boxes but unfortunately my father threw it away while I was studying in England as he did not realize the value of these boxes in the market.

A close up view on MASK boxes. There is Thunder Hawk, Firefly, Firecracker, Goliath, Gator and Volcano.

A close up view of VENOM boxes. There are Switchblade, Buzzard, Iguana and Pirahna. I also happen to have Pit Stop Catapult but it is not shown here.

The rest of my collection are store in a cabinet. There are Rhino, Outlaw, Jackhammer, Manta, Vampire, Condor, Hurricane, Slingshot, Raven, Meteor and Stinger. Those who are familiar with MASK cartoon should know I have a complete unit for the Season 1 (with exception of Boulder Hill). I don't have the complete unit for the racing series although I am tempted. The racing series suck big time though. That is why I didn't go all the way.

I will give a more detailed description and photos for each units mentioned above in my future post. I hope some of the readers here are a big fan of Transformers and MASK cartoon back in the 1980s.


joshuaongys said...


joshuaongys said...

no prob man... u really have a hell of a collection there!!!

Anonymous said...

ur TF n mask collection is awesome
especially Mask!!!
drool ~

my so so collection =..=
My Toys Collection

Johnny Ong said...

tat must be a heavy investment from what i can see via those pictures

Borneo Falcon said...

Well, I believe it is a good investment as all these toys are rarely found in e-bay and the price is sky rocket by now. Who knows, I might open a Toy museum soon!

Johnny Ong said...

hire me to become yr museum's curator then ..... cheers!

Unknown said...

Hey Tsai!

Just browsed thru your very nicely done (and very detailed!) blog! And especially read thru your TransFormers page hehe...

You said you lack General Galvatron in the TF SuperLink (US TF Energon) series? Well, just now after KK's wedding, Henry and I went to Pi Li's bro's house and I saw he has got General Galvatron! I can't remember exactly how much he is selling it. I can help you ask if you're REALLY interested :)
Let me know man. You got my hp no? Or just email