Saturday, June 28, 2008

Peaceful Demostration by DAP

I read in a local newspaper few days ago there will be a demonstration by the opposition party, DAP (Democratic Action Party) on Friday, 27th June at town square starting at 0930. I also understood that T-Shirt will also be on sale for RM10. The demonstration is basically to protest against the recent fuel price hike and the toll collection at the Lanang Bridge (one no need to pay any toll by road from Kuching to Miri, except when using the Lanag bridge).

This was the scenario around 0915. Some people/supporters had gathered around at town square, along the Chuan Corridor.

This is the flag and the shirt barrier. He was standing by the road side to catch the motorists attention.

I spoke to this old man and don't let his age and appearance fool you. This guy is full of energy. The T- Shirt reads, translated into English "Protest. Government Hike Fuel Price"

Around 0925, the group seems to be walking away. I thought the demostration was over!

Nope! The demonstration was far from over. They just moved to another spot at the town square, facing the Jalan Bujang Suntong.

They started to unveil their banners

The banners are fully unveil and they were chanting "Hancur BN"(crumble BN), "Minyak Turun" (Lower the fuel price), "Orang Susah, Minta Tolong" (Please help, people are suffering), "Minyak Tinggi, BN Turun" (Fuel Price up, BN goes down). They chant with great spirit and energy but unfortunately lacking in numbers of supporters.

In the middle of the demostration, I manange to spot a hot chick reporter. She is the one in black clothes at the centre of this photo (probably appear a bit blurr in this photo)

The DAP state leader talking to the policemen and thanked him for the co-operation. The demonstration ended at 0945

I would say I am fairly disappointed with the demonstration. The purpose was good but the implementation was poor. First, the leader was not around to lead the people and supporters at the beginning. He should have arrive earlier at the scene. Would be more meaningful if he was the flag or shirt carrier. That should motivate the people around him. The leader also do not lead the chanting.

The exact location of the demonstration was unclear at the beginning. See how they shift from one spot to another. A sign of lack of flow of information and proper planning.

Not as many people showed up for the demonstration. Maybe bad timing as most people were working and unable to join force with them. Also the advertised sell of T-Shirt was nowhere to be seen.


Johnny Ong said...

of all the commotion, u noticed a 'leng lui' ???

lifesignx said...

Man you are gonna get grilled by your wife for the hot chick comment man. Good luck to you...

elezend said...

lol, hot chick FTW!!

Anyway we had similar protest in Miri too but with more people

Did they applied for the um "permission thingy to protest"?

Borneo Falcon said...

I always on the lookout for leng lui. Ha...Ha.....

By the way, read in newspaper today they did not apply for permit for this demonstration. Police will consider whether to take any legal action or not.