Friday, June 13, 2008

One Rainy Day

I do some cycling again on the 3rd June as I need some exercise during the long holiday. It has been raining whole day in the morning and afternoon. In the evening, the rain had stopped. It is rather cloudy and some sunshine. So, I guess it was alright and won’t rain again. I was planning to go to Soon Hup Garden as I haven’t been there for some 2-3 years.

Cycling some 40 minutes, it started to rain. It started as drizzle then it got a bit heavier. Looks like I predict the weather wrongly this time. I am pretty good at predicting weather with about 80% accuracy. Ha….Ha….So, it is time to take some cover. On the way, I came across this shabby shack. Well, I do not want to catch cold and quickly take cover inside it. My bicycle also went into the shade so as it won’t get wet. It’s very tight inside. Just enough for myself and my bicycle.

While inside the shade, there was this dog barking at me across the street and about to threaten me. I had been chased quite often by dogs when cycling. I even wonder why the owner let the dogs free if they know their dogs will behave this way. So irresponsible. Somehow the dogs will chase me closely when I was cycling. The dogs will usually chase me closely from behind and from the side. Too close for comfort. I had pet dogs before and they never behave in such a way. Having dogs myself in the past help me to understand dogs. Most dogs are not that fierce, they just appear fierce and make a lot of noise. If challenged, they will back off. I just got sick of them that before they came after me, I will stop my bicycle, get off and challenge them with rock, stick, my own bicycle or in worse case scenario, my own bare hand. They will usually back off though. But be warned though, some of the type of dogs are genuinely aggressive, such as Doberman and German shepherd.

Here I armed myself with this rock which I pick by the roadside, just in case the dogs try to ambush me.

Here are the left view and the right view from where I take cover. There are some mosquitoes around and it started to get into my nerve.

It was 5.08pm now and it was just a small drizzle. It is time to hit the road before it gets dark, or in worse case scenario, the rain get heavier. I arrived home some 25 minutes later, partially drenched.


Johnny Ong said...

somehow we have been taught to pick up a stone when we see a fierce dog approaching us

Borneo Falcon said...

Look straight in the eyes of the dog. You will notice whether he is really aggressive or not. Then you got nothing to fear of