Friday, June 27, 2008

Borneo Cultural Festival is set to go!

This year edition of Borneo Culture Festival (BCF) is ready. Most of the preparations were completed by this morning with some ongoing last minute preparation.

I don't understand why they don't put the BCF programmes in a website or something. The programmes for the 2 weeks event is well displayed only at the town square. If they plan to promote this event on a larger scale, it is time they promote it in a website. I am sure my blog will able to help some others out there to figure out what will be going on here in the next 2 weeks.

This is the layout of the booths at Town Square phase 2 and the programme for the next 2 weeks at the site.

The view of the booths at town square phase 2 from across the Jalan Bujang Suntong

I believe there will be some celebrities to cheer up the festival as shown in this banner at the entrance of town square phase 2

There is an information notice board at the main town square, facing Jalan Bujang Suntong

Here is the layout of the stage and booths at the main square. The events to be held in the main square is also available at the information notice board

This is the main stage at the main town square.

This is the malay/melanau cultural stage at the main square and the food stalls/booths

This is the dayak or Iban cultural stage at the main square

Chinese cultural stages as well as chinese food stalls/booth at main square (along Chuan corridor)

There will be also photography exhibition at the town square.

Another new feature for this year BCF is the information booth at the main square. There are 4 similiar structure like this at tha main square. One must look for the structure near the Chuan Corridor to locate the information booth (Tower T1 from the plan layout for the main square).

To ease traffic congestion, public can use the car park at the adjacent RPA (Rejang Port Authority) from 5pm to midnight. Also the container storage area at town square phase 2, behind the Low King Howe Museum is available for public parking

There are these make shift portable toilets available. Should be free. For more comfort, visitors (at main squate) can opt for toilets at adjacent Wisma Sanyan (RM 0.20 for admission) or Paramount Hotel if visitors are around Town Square Phase 2.

For the opening ceremony tonight, I just found out from newspaper this morning, there will be car parade from Delta Mall to the town square at 1745. From the town square, the car parade will go round the town at certain main roads. They will depart from the main square tonight at 1900.


elezend said...

We recently had something similar called Jom Makan-makan in Miri but it is a much larger scaled Festival.

However, most of the singers aren't Chinese >.>

Borneo Falcon said...

Man, someone should have cover that festival in your place and post in the blog so we can have a better picture.