Friday, June 20, 2008

Badminton Court

Beside cycling I also played Badminton as a sport and recreation activity. Me and my friends have a long history of playing badminton and finding a good and playable court. In fact we have been "moving" from court to court due to various reasons

Among the first court we really played on was in this YMCA building. Best of all, it is less than 5 minutes walk from my house. So far, this is the best court been played by us so far. The ceiling is a bit low, so sometimes we will hit the shuttlecock to the ceiling if we hit it too high. There are 2 courts on the 4th floor. Unfortunately, a local politician had turned the building into a college and the court had been turned to either classroom or lecture hall. We moved out from here for about 4 years now. (worse still the college is left hanging and not open yet until now)

Currently here is where we play. Every Saturday, 5-7pm. Well, it looks like a church and indeed it is a church (xin fu yuan tang). The court is situated on the 3rd floor of the square building. The building also house a band room, and gathering place for the church.

It has 3 courts and we usually played at the middle court (Court B) or Court A. It is all parquet floor which is just nice. We tend to throw our body around to save the shuttlecock and the floor will prevent us from bruises and etc. After trying many courts around, this is by far the best court we encountered. However the fluorescent lights housing is our No.1 enemy as a lot of our new shuttlecocks had flown across it and got trap on top of the housing.

This is me (in white and blue shirt) serving to Eric. Charles is my partner in this match.

Me serving to Vincent

This is a close up when I serve. Man, I do look serious. I have to be really focus as I would like the shuttlecock to cross the net, preferably on par with the net white line so the opponent won't able to tap my serve and kill it instantly.

This photo was taken when I was taking a smash.

This an awkward posture. I think I was taking a smash or just lob the shuttlecock.
Me and Charles celebrating a point won and encourage each other.

By the way, we still playing the 15 points system rather than the 21 points system. We tried the 21 points system and found unsuitable for us as we are not tested mentally and physically with that point system. With the 15 points system, one can still crawl back even down at 2-14 using the 15 points system. It is almost impossible to fight back at 2-19 under the 21 points system.

Many thanks to Wen for taking these photos of us.


Johnny Ong said...

yeah, practise more before u come over to kl to meet me.

Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! Johhny Ong challenge me for a match. Hey, Johnny, are you a good badminton player? I don't want to lose badly to you. :)

Zooropa said...

I love playing tennis more than badminton but I don't have friend to take pix for us!


Portia said...

great job!people in Borneo really loves badminton and i admit i love playing it,too. i played quite a while when we lived in labuan before.i miss playing it really...i feel the surging energy looking at your photos....well-done!

BublaKong said...

so tat's where u ppl played it. i can't find a suitable place as well. hate heaty and stuffy court.