Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cherry Blossom

One might find it strange that cherry blossom can thrived here in tropical climate area like where I am living in. Along Brooke Drive here in Sibu, there is a row of cherry blossom trees (there are also row of cherry blossom along other main roads). Such a scenic drive along this road when I am on my way to work. How the trees get there is unknown to me. Probably someone planted them there long time ago.

In fact I start to pay more attention to cherry blossom during my university time when an exchange student from Japan called Taka told me that Japanese loves cherry blossom and will seat below the tree when the tree started to bloom. That was when I follow his foot step and start to appreciate the beauty of this tree.

Pink cherry blossom

White cherry blossom. Which is prettier? Pink or white? My preference is the pink

Up close and personal with the cherry blossom

Unfortunately when these photos were taken, the trees started to shed some of its flowers. What a shame there is no place to sit under the tree and enjoying the view. The trees are basically beside the main road.

Looks like I will have to next until next June to see the trees to bloom again.


elezend said...

Eh? I never knew Malaysia's weather is suitable to plant Sakura flowers

Johnny Ong said...

hopefully the council cleaning staff will do their job efficiently

@ SmalL G!RL said...

izit dat every June, Takoma tree will bloom into flowers? =) haha

Myst3 said...

lets go SIAT TAHHH