Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kokoberry @ Delta Mall Sibu Review

A week ago or so we decided to visit a new outlet in town, Kokoberry. I just like to go through the background of this outlet. From what I gathered, this outlet is based in Miri with its first outlet at Bintang Plaza. Since then it expanded to Brunei and now in Sibu.

Kokoberry outlet is on the ground floor of Delta Mall. Delta Mall is the most recently opened mall in Sibu, some 2.5km from the town.

In term of service, Kokoberry gave me a bad impression. We were there to try its crepe. So, we went to the crepe station, where a guy was making a crepe. We tried to make my order to the guy but the guy rudely said we should make the order at the cashier counter. So, we head to the cashier counter only to find the cashier (girl) was chatting with a guy who apparently trying to court her (he was asking for her name and phone number). What the Hell! We were the customers and we were virtually invisible. We ordered a blueberry yogurt and a crepe (chocolate and hazelnut flavour). We been told it will takes 15 minutes for the crepe. So, we went to visit some shops at the mall while waiting for the crepe.

This is the blueberry yogurt. You need to give it a good stir before drinking it. It tastes nice and refreshing.

Upon finishing it, there were "pearls" left at the base of it. The pearls are edible, although tasteless. Just something to munch on.

So, here is the crepe. I been told it took 15 minutes to prepare but it eventually took 22 minutes. As I am a punctual man (as with Phileas Fogg), this is unacceptable by my standard. By the way, when we got back to get the crepe and the drink, another cashier was chatting with the same guy who had intention to court the girls. Once again, we were partly ignored.

The crepe is spread with what I assume chocolate spread. Taste good and crispy. One is likely to mess up the floor when eating the crepe. The thin and crispy flour is likely to crumble easily. For the record, the crepe and the blueberry yogurt cost a total of RM7.

The crepe packaging had something interesting on it. Maybe in near future they will add these fillings to it such as seafood, tuna, crab meat, honey and etc. As for now, the outlet here only offer 3 fillings (chocolate chip, chocolate and hazel nut and another one I can't remember) There is also a message of 'Don't litter" on it. It will be better if they put "please recycle" in order to save the environment. Just a thought.

With the purchase of the items above, the cashier also presented us with this redemption card. Apparently, for each purchased for every RM2 and above drink, the redemption card will be stamped. A fully 10 stamped card will entitle one free drink. I also been told later by a friend that the outlet also offer membership with an annual fee. Members get discounted price for all the items sold there. However, this membership thing was not explained or offered to us by the cashiers. Maybe they were too engrossed with the guy who was trying to court them.

Will I come again to Kokoberry? I might if the service is improved. Anyway, the owner of this outlet was not around at the the time of our visit. So, I reckon the employees were just irresponsible and run the outlet as they feel like. It is like the phrase :when the cat is not around, the mice will run free".

Anyway, from my observation, a lot of other shop owners at the mall were not around managing or monitoring their business. They just basically opened an outlet and left the operation to the employees. Some of the attitude of the employees there disgust me as they lack of discipline and potentially scare off the customers. I guess when you pay peanut, you get monkeys. I really hope the owners will be more sensitive to this issue as the reputation of their business, brand or outlet will be affected very much in near future. There is no point having good product but lousy service (sound familiar fellow Malaysians?)


Nanaybelen said...

Looks delicious but affordable.

dd=.=bb said...

Thanks for your visit and you have blogged about it.;)

As the owner, i do have to say sorry on behalf of my staff, somehow, when running biz we do always meet up different type of comments and feedback. Some are good and some are quite hard to take.

I remember you commented it once in my blog, and i've actually get a new staff to replace the cashier. But i couldn't prevent much on the courting sessions. I do have to says, workers are pretty hard to employ now.

As for the crepes, we are still newly started, definitely lots of things need to pick up. I admit customer service are pretty important. Like i always says, customer is always right. There's still a lot of improvement space, to give better services. Me and my team are actually working on some solutions.

About the workers at shop. You are right, most of the shop the leave it to the workers. Put yourself in the shoe, maybe you will understand the reason. There's lot of management and p&c matters about this mall. Not good to reveal it here somehow, the effort will be paid off someday.

We do hope for more crowds to Delta Mall, do give your support if can. For sure nothing is perfect. ;)

Thanks so much again. Hope to meet you in person.

Borneo Falcon said...

Keep it up. I'm sure the business will do well in near future.

Johnny Ong said...

well, the owners are just putting their businesses at risk. it won't grow as what they have planned then.

elezend said...

If you enjoy kokoberry, you should definitely join their VIP and it costs only RM 5 to join

Plus you get some coupons such as
Free 1 drink
Free drink during birthday month
Buy 1 free 1 offer
Some drinks cost only RM 1

Really worth to join plus most of the drinks are cheaper by 50 cents

If you have 10 fully stamped cards, you get to exchange another 3 free drinks

Tuesday is Pearl Milk Tea day so it costs RM 1.80 only (used to be rm 1.50)