Monday, June 9, 2008

Panzer Restaurant

Yesterday was my wife birthday, which also coincide with the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. As we need to have lunch and dinner on that day at my mother in law as well as my parents house respectively, we decided to celebrate her birthday on the 7th June instead, a day earlier.

First the present. In the afternoon I went and bought her a piggie doll. The big one, not the small one.

After playing badminton, it's dinner time. We went to Panzer Restaurant, near the bus terminal at Jalan Pahlawan. The restaurant is opposite the bustling Everwin supermarket.

Panzer Restaurant is located on the 1st floor. This is our second visit to this restaurant since its inception some 1 ++ year ago.

These are the stairs up. It is rough as it is basically cement. Should have been tiled. The restaurant is on the left after you reach the 1st floor.

This appear to be Panzer's letter box. Panzer's word is scribbled with a marker on it.

This is how the interior looks like. It is a wifi zone as indicated. So, you can get online here.

It is rather quiet here, there were 2 couples here, including us that night. I been told they will close down their business in July and move to Miri due to bad business here. People here not exactly looking for quality food. People here want cheap and large portion food.

There is a fish tank at the middle of the Restaurant. Only a few species are available for viewing

The table is rather interesting. Transparent glass with fake tree trunk as the stand.

A ship and a pair of oar as decorative on the wall. The ship also feature at the front page of the menu.

The curtain is also interesting. It can be roll up and down with the rope. It resembles the native mat.

We ordered a large watermelon juice to be shared. (RM6)

Mushroom soup as the appetizer (RM4). We prefer the Pizza Hut mushroom better.

My wife ordered a fish and chips (RM16). The portion was not large compare to some other places here but sufficient for a person. The salad also need improvement. The lime hardly got any juice in it. The tartar sauce also need improvement as it was quite plain.

I ordered Chicken stuffed with Cheese (RM14.50). Initially I ordered pork stuffed with cheese but they run out of pork. So, I have to settle down with the chicken instead. Again, the lime hardly had and juice and salad need to be improved. However, the chips portion is more than the fish and chips.

I slice the chicken breast into half and the cheese is flowing out of it. It tastes really nice. The cheese is thick. This taste better than the fish and chips.

Here is my lovely wife. By the way, we married last December.

And myself. I believe this is the first time I post myself in this blog.


Johnny Ong said...

the main dishes costing ard RM14 is a bit expensive. the norm is ard rm10.

with the increase in fuel price, food prices in such restaurants will surely rise and their biz will be surely affected too

lifesignx said...

They are planning to move to Miri you say? Not sure if that is a good idea as like what johnny ong said, the fuel increase has been and is going to be ruthless to your wallets and purses.

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elezend said...

Restaurants on the second floor will have a hard time getting customers cause you know how "hardworking" we malaysians are (To walk up the staircase).

Quality food probably won't work.. people here want cheap and edible food.

Borneo Falcon said...

My second visit still hardly any improvement. Hope they do well in Miri. By the way, the chef is from Switzerland. He married a local. So the couple open this restaurant.

Zooropa said...

Nice meeting you & your lovely wife here. Me & hubby also married last year but in November.


Accyee said...

making me hungry onlyyyyyyyyyyyy