Friday, June 4, 2010

University Tenaga Nasional

University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) is a local private university I manage to visit and explore recently. It is located at Ikram Road, Bangi. The university vision is to generate professionals.

Within the university compound is a large lake with Residence Hotel and the university mosque located just beside it.

A floating restaurant also located at the lake.

Food court is available within the university area. I reckon this is the place the student dine as cooking is not allowed in the students' apartment.

Some basic grocery shops, post office, clinic and bank situated adjacent to the food court.

TNB Resarch Centre. It looks like a warehouse from the outside but it surely is a huge facility.

The staffs' quarters which look way better compare to the students' quarters.

The university campus seems to be divided to west and east campus. It is decently huge and university buses goes around the campus to ferry students to their intended destination. It took me more than 1 hour to explore the whole campus on foot.

College of Information Technology

The university has its own equestrian club and I spotted a few monkeys on the way too.

Track and field stadium

Engineering department building and labs. The university offers civil, mechanical and electrical engineering courses.

The university administrative building.

A cascading waterfall structure behind the administrative building.

This eye catching structure is the home to the university library, auditorium and examination hall.

It has the largest exam hall I ever come across. It even extended to this sky bridge.


wenn said...

wow, this uni looks grand!

escape said...

since it's beside a lake they should place some kayaks there and ill be doing that during my breaktime. hahaha...