Sunday, June 13, 2010

ROTF: Jetfire

Jetfire was introduced in the movie Revenge of The Fallen. In fact, Jetfire characters had made several appearances in the animation version and most of those who follow the animation version will have some idea about the combination ability of Jetfire with Optimus Prime.

In the animation version, Jetfire is usually shown as a young and brash Autobots but in the movie version, Jetfire is totally a direct opposite character from the animation version.

In alternate mode, Jetfire ROTF is a SR-71 Blackbird. His alternate mode really stands out and it is truly a beautiful bird.

The details of the markings all over the body of Jetfire are really remarkable. I assumed Lt. Col. Brawley used to pilot this aircraft before it was put out of commission and displayed at the museum.

It bears the Decepticons insignia as Jetfire used to be one before he had a change of heart.

Jetfire is fairly hard to transform and the difficult part is to keep him balance and steady when standing. The walking stick is not much of a help too. Hardly any articulation can be achieved by this toy.

Jetfire is a must have toy for those who already had Optimus Prime as both can combine to form an awesome figure.


escape said...

im sure this one is expensive. i remember seeing that character in the movie. so cool! how much did you buy it?

Kev said...

Ah I remember Jetfire, the "old man" who went into service again but with the Autobots in Revenge of the Fallen.

Nice toys you have there :)

Borneo Falcon said...

I bought the Jetfire and Optimus combo for RM400. So, I guess it is RM200 apiece.

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...