Monday, June 7, 2010

My latest acquisition

I just made another purchase of a Transformers toy for my collection. After patiently waiting for nearly a year, I finally invest in Optimus Prime and Jetfire which feature in the movie Revenge of the Fallen.

Actually I don't like the story line of the movie version. The story kind of deviate from the original Transformers I used to know. However, I just can't resist the combination of Optimus Prime and Jetfire in this movie.

A collector will soon notice a distinct details in the colours of both the robots compare to the first line of toys which were released right after the movie. This one is much more details and beautiful.

I will probably show more details of each individual robots in the future. This is just a quick run through of the combination.


ChrisAu said...

wow...there u go again!! Another great collection! How abt Iron Man?

foongpc said...

Wow! Such a huge fan of Transformers! : )

escape said...

i should call you prime. hehehe... a great add to your collection.