Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Agriculture Heritage Park: Smallholder House

Just adjacent to the Rubber Demonstration Hut is the Smallholder House which represent the malay traditional architecture and lifestyle.

The traditional malay house from the outside

Before entering he house, there is an old bicycle on display at the veranda. This bicycle was once used to transport the rubber latex to the processing area.

The interior of the smallholder house. It is like a mini museum here with the display of traditional agricultural tools and a brief history of the rubber plantation in Malaysia.

Lesung and paddy fan are some of the traditional tools to process the paddy back then.

This weighting scale is really ancient and it was built in Birmingham, England.

More traditional tools to process rubber and its end product.

Congkak is the traditional malay board game. I used to play congkak once or twice when I was a kid but forgot the rule of the game now.


escape said...

we also have that boardgame here in the philippines. we call it sungka. so close to how you call it. simply because we're almost of the same race.

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Basikal tua hehehe.

Ensurai said...

Very interesting history of Malay Rubber Industry...