Monday, June 14, 2010

The Agriculture Heritage Park: Fruit Orchard

The Agriculture Heritage Park located at Precinct 16 of Putrajaya emphasises the role and importance of Malaysia's commercial agriculture. This includes rubber tree, oil palm, coffee, cocoa, fruits, herbs and spices.

The park is divided into Visitor Complex, Herbs and Spices Track, Fruit Orchard, Rubber Clone Plot and Viewing Deck. Basically, there is no entrance fee except for the Fruit Orchard (within the fruit orchard is the rubber clone plot and viewing deck).

The entrance fee to the orchard is only RM2 and is definitely worth it as visitors will able to see, touch, smell and learn more about the fruits at the park.


They have some really giant size jackfruit here. To give a better representation, I use my palm as the yardstick for its incredible size.

I am quite surprise to see a mini paddy field here.




Oil Palm

This is something I never seen before. It is called Asam Gelugor.

There are a lot of fruits here which I am tempted to pluck and enjoy my afternoon at the park. Unfortunately, visitors are forbidden to pluck those fruits. Usually, there will be a fruit bazaar here every Saturday and Sunday on the last week of the month.



This park is definitely worth venturing. It is a shame that I notice most visitors just spent like 30 minutes here and left without exploring further and miss some of the best thing the park has to offer.


foongpc said...

A nice park to visit!

Bengbeng said...

i am sure this is a hit with tourists

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

I love this park. Got lots of my favorite fruits :D.

escape said...

wow! it's actually my first time to hear about an agircultural heritage park. so good that you have it there.