Friday, June 25, 2010

Dagangan Mahkota Complex

Recently I made my first trip to the East coast of Peninsular and Kuantan is my first stop.

Before I start explore the place, I arrived at my accommodation place at Dagangan Mahkota Complex. The complex belongs to the Pahang State government

I have to stay here instead of hotel as this place is our official residential place during the whole duration of my official duty here. This complex is rather new and was opened in 2007.

It is located about 5km from Kuantan, along the Sultan Ahmad Shah road at the new Bandar Indera Mahkota area.

There is hardly any development around this area yet. Just a few minutes walk is a row of shop where one can find a Secret Recipe outlet. However, this area is poised to thrive one day as most of the government offices will be moved to this area

Attached to the complex, there are a lot of shop lots which are closed most of the time, probably due to poor business.

All the hostel rooms are located on the 2nd floor. I was rather satisfied with the comfort level of the room. No TV is available in the room. My only issue is that the housekeeping only came to our room to change bed sheet and pillow case after 4 days.

The toilet cum bathroom is rather spacious. Strangely, they built the wash basin outside the bathroom.

There is a large living room for all the occupants here to gather and unwind. This is the only place here where the occupants can watch TV.

Dining area is located on 1st Floor. We had some issue with their punctuality but generally the food they serve is satisfactory.

The training room they provide us was a bit small. It could have been better but there is hardly any decent facility owned by the government agencies in this state


wenn said...

i don't mind attending training like u..can get away fr routine.

Reanaclaire said...

hi.. u went for training? all the best to u.. i really scared to go for training.. :)

escape said...

when i really review your posts of places... looks like you have all the space to build structures and large lots. are there crowded areas there?

Borneo Falcon said...

The Dong: We have a lot of land here for development although I prefer they been left alone. Usually only big cities here are crowded.

reanaclaire: I enjoy training actually. But a lot of laundry after that

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Nice hotel.