Thursday, June 3, 2010

Students' Apartment @ UNITEN

Recently I manage to stay in a students' apartment in one of the local university, UNITEN. This is my first time staying overnight at a local university.

I was placed in Ilmu apartment. It has the nearest walking distance (15 minutes) to the library building of this university. During the semester break, the university will rent out the apartments to government agencies and private sectors who plan to have functions and using the university's facilities.

The rent is about RM50 per head and each apartment can accommodate up to 5 person.

I was initially impressed when I stepped into the apartment. It is pretty spacious with a living room and study tables for the students who occupied this apartment. However, the apartment suffer from poor ventilation even with all windows wide open and fans on to full blast. It is just bloody hot inside here.

I wonder how on earth the students able to study inside here with such an uncomfortable environment. It was so hot that I slept in the living room during my 4 days stay here.

Each apartment has 4 rooms and there are just enough space for the occupant to keep their belongings. It feels like inside an oven when staying in each of these rooms.

At the rear of the apartment is a designated area for the occupants to dry their clothes.

I will probably won't not want to stay here again in the future. I would rather stay at the nearby Residence Hotel which also happen to be within the compound of this university.


Mohd Zulhelmi aka JUL aka JUMI said...


they 'charged' us RM280 per month. exclude the ELECTRICITY ...


Anonymous said...

each apartment consist 5 person? how many bathrooms in there apartment? and also the bedrooms you should tell about that.

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