Friday, November 13, 2009

Transformers Night

Last week I had a gathering with some of my ex school mates who also happened to be a Transformers collectors. We agreed to bring some of our collections out for review.

This belongs to one of my friend. This is the G1 Metroplex (with Scamper and Slammer). He is regarded as Autobots' last line of defense. I expect Metroplex toy to be huge but apparently he is about the same size as my Optimus Prime (Cybertron series).

Metroplex can transform to a mobile battle station

Most of the time, Metroplex can be seen in Autobot City mode in the cartoon series. Metroplex was created by the Autobot to counter his Decepticons counterpart, Trypticon.

I was also been told in city mode, Metroplex can be expanded by combining with other G1 combiner leaders such as Hot Spot (Protectobot which form Defensor) and Silverbolt (Aerialbot which form Superion).

Optimus Primal from the Beast Wars series. This unit belongs to my friend too

Everyone should be familiar with this one. It is the Optimus Prime from the movie ROTF.

The transformation of Optimus Prime from the ROTF version is not as easy as it looks. The transformation (one of my friend just purchased it and never transformed it before) took more than 1 hour by these 2 adults. This toy is definitely not for children.

The comparison of Optimus Prime from the Cybertron series and the ROTF. Which is cooler?

In the end, we parade our collections From left to right: Megatron (Energon), Metroplex (G1), Optimus Prime (Cybertron), Optimus Prime (ROTF), Excellion (Cybertron) and Brawl (Transformers movie).

Which one are mine? Megatron (Energon), Optimus Prime (Cybertron) and Excellion (Cybertron)

We also fool around with the toys which resulted in these pose. Are we just too old for this? He....He.... Maybe this could be the birth of Sibu Transformers Club


M-Knight said...

At 1st when I saw the title Transformer Night.. I thought u guys is having a party and dress like a transformer... hahaha...

Henry Lee said...

YEAH same here, i thought u guys were wearing some transformer costume or something like that.. anyway, i WANT THE BEAST WARS OPTIMUS PRIME! Looks so cute~ haha

Annie Q said...

wow! You really crazy over transformer huh? hahahhahaha :P

Superman said...

What a night for the Transformer geeks. Hehe. Nice collection there. You really have a lot of toys.

ChrisAu said... toys!

amycheah said...

wah! u all really x'former fans lo...

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

I can imagine u guys play like a girl play they doll. Hey, it's cool (^_*). My sons say "I want that" heheh.

Ciela said...

Big boys still in love with transformers?! Not surprised, actually!