Monday, November 30, 2009

Jolly Kitchen @ Hock Lee Centre

Jolly Kitchen is the only affordable place to dine in Hock Lee Centre and I decided to stop here as I was tired and running out of options.

The service here is quite good. The staffs here are very attentive, probably because they are trying to stay alive in this business as there are hardly any people around.

The dining place is pretty cozy and clean.

There are some cute dolls behind a counter which caught my attention.

Black and White (RM 2.50) is basically a mixture of soya milk and grass jelly.

The eating utensils are soaked in warm water for hygienic purpose.

Jolly Beef Burger (RM 5.50) served with fries and coleslaw. The fries were soggy and I find the coleslaw dressing to be a bit sour. The burger itself is just average.

In a nutshell, the food and beverage here do not impress me.


Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks man, looks like the burger made your day. The dolls are the McD ones? hehe..

Malaysia Asia

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Not bad..

Bengbeng said...

u really do move around...xciting life u lead

CH Voon said...

the burger look... bad hehehe

that why nobody there....

foongpc said...

So the food is not nice? Hmm, I won't go there then : )