Saturday, November 7, 2009

The elusive Takara SD-20 is finally mine

Finally, I was able to acquire a Transformers collection from e-bay after years of searching. It is the Transformers Energon Galvatron (known as Transformers Superlink in Japan). Takara code name for it is SD-20 Galvatron General.

SD-20 Galvatron General is really rare. I once saw it in a toy store called "Time Machine" in Berjaya Times Square in KL few years ago and cost RM350. I was not resolute enough that time to purchase it and I kind of regret it as the toy was no longer there on my second visit. The store owner told me it had been sold.

Since then I been searching high and low to get the last item to fulfill my Transformers collection. The search hit a few snags as some Singapore e-bay sellers refuse to ship the item internationally. Only recently, I saw a local e-bayer selling it for RM480 (including shipment)

The Takara version comes with an Energon sword (which is also a sword/tail of a Terrorcon) and Energon Star. These accessories are not available for the Hasbro version.

The box is well sealed and I do not have the heart to open it out. So, I will just show the illustration at the back of the box. Galvatron is basically a repaint of Megatron (which I already had)

Galvatron in Energon series evolved from Megatron when he immersed himself in the Energon pool and upgraded his armor. His new armor is almost impervious to any blast from the Autobot weapons.

The Decepticons team lead by Galvatron.

The Autobot team lead by Optimus Prime

The war between the Autobot and Decepticons

Galvatron in hyper power mode. The SD-20 has been the missing link for sometime now. With that I now have complete Galvatron set from Takara for the Unicron Trilogy series (Armada, Energon & Cybertron series)


wenn said...

very nice collection..

Dora said...

hey, u r real transformers' fan huh!

Henry Lee said...

wahhh.. congratz... it feels good to have something we longed for :)