Sunday, November 8, 2009

Experimenting with Microsoft Security Essential

Recently I installed a new free anti virus from Microsoft called Microsoft Security Essential (MSE). MSE will only able to be installed if the OS is a genuine one (although I had seen MSE capable of been installed on a cracked pirated OS). Hence, for those using pirated version, they just have settled with other free anti virus from Avira, AVG and etc.

MSE can be downloaded from Microsoft's website.

Installation of MSE is a breeze without much issue. The interface is simple and neat. There are 4 tabs at the top (Home, Update, History, Setting). You don't need to be a tech geek to figure out how to operate it.

In Home tab, a quick and full scan can be performed. A quick scan is about 10 minutes and it only scan through my C drive only. A full scan on the other hand will scan the computer's entire files and will roughly take 50 minutes.

In Update tab, you can check whether the anti virus version is of updated version or not. After installing for the first time, it will auto update itself and could take around 20 minutes or so to complete. After that, it will update itself silently (every day) behind the scene when the computer is on without compromising the system speed.

I like this feature as I use Avira Anti Virus at home and whenever there is an update, an annoying pop up will appear (let alone its advertisement) to show the updating process.

History tab indicate the history of virus detection and etc during scanning process.

Setting tab is where you can scheduled (with the day and time of your convenience) a quick scan on the computer. A few other settings can also be adjusted here such as actions to be taken when a virus been detected.

MSE is the best anti virus I ever come across. It is light-weight and works effectively. It is reported MSE has a 97.8% overall detection rate.


wenn said...

something new for me..thx..

escape said...

installation time is big consideration for me. so i think this will work for me. thanks for sharing!

ChrisAu said...

MS softwares are always heavyweights...surprise you observed this one is a lightweight! Thanks for sharing, I also thought of blogging abt IT stuffs :)