Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Train Ride: Ipoh-KL

I decided to take a train from Ipoh-KL on my way back. I took a few KTM trains in the past and the rides had been satisfactory in the past. The estimated journey time from Ipoh to KL is about 3 hours. Travel between KL-Ipoh is much more convenient now as there are frequent train service between these 2 cities.

This is how the superior class (RM22) coach looks like. Quite comfortable with large overhead compartment for luggage.

Ipoh Railway Train Station has 2 platforms. The one departing for KL will leave at Platform 1 (In the direction of Batu Gajah)

The train been flagged of by the staff. Pretty punctual. Left Ipoh around 1325 as stipulated in the ticket.

Batu Gajah Train Station. I notice almost all the small towns train stations along the way had been upgraded with this type of architecture/design. There are hardly anything to differentiate them.

This could be the double track rail I heard about. Photo was taken after leaving Batu Gajah train station.

It's amazing how the landscape changed along the way. One of the advantages of taking a train rather than a bus is one can enjoy the scenery and get a feel of the small towns and villages the train passed by.

The toilets onboard are decently clean. One can always head to the loo anytime as compare to the bus ride.

I believe this is was taken at Kepong

The sight of Legend Hotel, Dynasty Hotel and the UMNO building are the indications that the train is approaching KL city centre. The train will make a brief stop at KL old railway station for passengers to disembark before terminating at KL Sentral Station.

Even though train ride do not suffer from traffic jam, we still arrived late than the estimated time of 1617. Somehow, the train kind of freeze just outside the KL Sentral Station for about 20-30 minutes


wenn said...

wow..interesting..i hvn't taken a train for quite some time already..

ChrisAu said...

it's also a long while since I last took a train to tampin from Spore. Well, I actually love taking train but it's too slow compare to buses.

Reanaclaire said...

i cannot take train rides.. dont know why cos each time i take, i vomit..

Kikey Loo said...

i was thinking to take the train go around peninsular when i go back malaysia, and was worry abt rubbish train. after read you post, i can decided to take train now..

fufu said...

i have been travelling around japan and europe by trains but still havent done so in msia... >< gonna do so 2yrs later...probably up to thailand =p

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Last time i took a train hmm i think 7 years ago. Maybe next month will try again.

pusangkalye said...

nice trains you have there---looks like airplane to me...and nice terminals too. similar to that of Europe I guess~~

Superman said...

KTM is always late one. Suffered a lot with KTM last time when in KL. Sigh. I bet they will never improve.

escape said...

the seats looks so comfy. who wouldnt enjoy that trip. thanks for sharing the views.

CheaHSan said...

Wow those were the days as compared to now. Great improvement for KTM, different landscape viewing from the train, thanks for bringing back the good times too.

Claire heard of airsick, seasick.. you've got to train yourself not to get trainsick haha.

Unknown said...

When you almost reached the Batu Gajah train station from Ipoh, you have passed by Wong's house ady. And yes, that's the bloody double rail way track that nvr seems to be completed in time.