Friday, November 20, 2009

Transformers Energon: Megatron

Megatron was resurrected again in the Energon series after sacrificing himself at the final episode in the Armada series.

Megatron's packaging by Hasbro. The manufacturer classified the transformation level as 4 (which means the most difficult level) but the transformation is rather straight forward for me.

The packaging comes with Megatron unit, a tank, a sword and a missile projectile.

Megatron alternate mode in the Energon series is a gunship. The appearance alone is capable of striking fear into his opponents.

Mini-con ports are still visible in this toy line and Megatron is capable of accommodating 6 Mini-cons

In hyper power mode, where both end of the wings are raised, extra guns are visible from under the wings at both front and rear for added fire power. The tank can also be attached to the gunship. This is quite an impressive sight as a heavily armed gunship.

Megatron in the Energon series has the most elaborated weapon system I ever come across. This armor will ensure the Decepticons leader will never be unarmed.

Megatron's face has strong resemblance with the G1 Galvatron. This is an obvious homage to the G1 Galvatron

The tank, which is Megatron's primary weapon can be attached to his arm as a fusi0n cannon, sword and even as a shield. Now, this is one awesome looking Decepticons leader. The attachment of the tank to his arm is quite similar to the G1 fusion cannon.

The tank itself is a shadow of his former self in the Armada series. This primary weapon was upgraded from Megatron's sword using Unicron's technology after the Autobot manage to replicate Megatron's sword with the help of the Omnicons. The tank also has a target scope for Megatron to have a better aim at his enemies.

The good thing about the Energon series toy line is that there will be always a storage place for the weapon. Here, the sword can be store behind inside the nosecone.

In robot mode, Megatron can also deploy the hyper power mode which reveals more guns in way of his wings.

Megatron with his Decepticons army in the Energon series which includes the treacherous Shockblast.

Megatron with his most loyal Decepticons soldiers, from Left to Right: Tidal Wave, Demolisher, Snowcat and Starscream.

Somehow they still remain loyal to Megatron no matter how harsh their leader treats them.

Megatron horning his sword skill with Starscream

Megatron trying to eliminate the treacherous Shockblast

A comparison of Megatron in the Energon and Armada series. There is a slight difference in size noted here.

Megatron and Optimus Prime in vehicle mode in the Energon series. Megatron definitely looks meaner than the Autobot leader.

Megatron bio card by the manufacturer. A perfect 10! This is how Megatron should looks like, which is well armed with primary, secondary and even tertiary weapons


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