Saturday, April 11, 2009

Asics Gel Task

I bought a new badminton shoes to replace my previous Mizuno Lighting Wave 3. My choice this time around is Asics Gel Task. This is not the first time I use Asics shoes and so far I am satisfied with this brand.

In badminton, racquet is not my priority. I regard the racquet string and the shoes as the main components in badminton game. Hence, I am always circumspect while choosing a shoes for the game

I am using size 10. I guess most sport shoes now are manufactured in China. Asics Gel Task was originally prized at RM269 but I got it at RM218.20 at a store which had a discount few months ago.

My Asics Gel Task is mainly white in colour with some black and grey stripes

The shoes is made of synthetic fiber and synthetic leather with rubber sole

Most of Asics shoes now are equipped with Gel cushioning system. The Gel has the ability to absorb shock by dissipating vertical impact and disperse it horizontally.

Instuction manual on how to take care of the shoes were also included

Around the midsole of Asics Task, the word "SpEVA" was clearly visible. This new generation midsole material special ploymers that provide "bounce back" properties. When used in midsole, SpEVA bounce back quickly and is ready for the foot to execute its next strike

I been using the shoes a few times and found its grip satisfactory. I am able to move around the court comfortably without any issue. Asics Gel Task shock absorption is not as efficient as the Mizuno Wave series (which also cost more).

I have no idea on its endurance as the time frame is rather short for me to gauge its durability. However, if past record was used as a yardstick, Asics shoes have been durable. The high stress area should be at the front part of the shoes as most of my badminton shoes were damage by the tear at those area.


Johnny Ong said...

looks like yr shoes get worn out fast

eunice said...

hello!! My New Balance got stolen when I placed them outside my house, same as my hubby's leather shoes. This kind of thing happened for the first time after we have been staying here for 3 years..
Now my photo got stolen!! Check out my post.

Superman said...

sport shoes are getting more and more expensive nowadays. A pair of okay shoes can easily cost more than RM200.

JL said...

I think the price tag is still ok compared to other shoes. I've seen shoes that have breached the RM 300 mark. It's important to take good care of them.

Anonymous said...

looks good! Btw, i also just got a new badminton shoe..the Yonex Super Champ 100 at RM79.90..consider the cheapest yonex shoes.

Rachel brenke said...

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