Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Rail Europe Ticket

The best way to travel and explore Europe is by rail. While searching through my old stuffs, I stumbled upon my Rail Europe ticket. I remember I purchased this ticket to travel Europe after I finish my last final year paper. I decided to get a 1 month ticket, just in time for me to return to check my final exam results and graduation ceremony.

I opt for Global Inter Rail (GBP 219) rather than purchasing according to Zones as I had plan to travel to western to eastern Europe as well as the Scandinavian countries. By getting global ticket, I practically can take any trains in the European continents without any restriction.

Before heading to Europe with the Rail Europe ticket, it is wise to get the latest European rail timetable which can be easily purchased at Thomas Cook. The timetable will enable one to plan the journey accordingly.

I start my jouney from Amsterdam. I actually took a bus from London to Amsterdam rather than taking the Eurostar as it costs more to take Eurostar. Note that the Rail Europe ticket do not cover high speed trains in the European continents although there might be some discount.

Here are the complete route I took back then by rail:

I also took a ferry from Oslo to Helsinki (The Rail Europe entitle the holder to take the ferry on the Oslo-Helsinki route with a nominal fee)

Using the ticket is easy, just filled up the particular from the departing station to the intended station. Also indicate whether one is traveling on the sitting or sleeper carriage. The train conductor will stamp on it when doing the routine check. Note there was no stamp on some routes (I guess they check the ticket randomly).

However, not everything is free. On some trains, it is wise to make a reservation (reservation fee applies) to confirm a seat, especially during peak season. Additional fee applies when reserving a sleeper carriage. Of course, this ticket do not entitle the holder to travel on the first class carriage.

Traveling by train in Europe is fun. One will be rewarded with some breathtaking scenery as well as making new friends with fellow backpackers where one can exchange ideas and experience on the intended destination. One can save on hotel accommodation as well with sleeper cabins on the train and arrive at the next destination early morning.


Kikey Loo said...


pls post more information abt North Europe and the ferry trip, i gonna to North Europe on coming summer.

can we exchange msn, so that u can guide me in Europe countries trip. Since u r senior dy!!

amycheah said...

I dare not to travel alone,really thumbs up to you and kikey.

jam said...

I hope I can travel across Europe in train in the near future. That will be nice!

Josephine said...

Your blog can be the bible for those who wants to go travel!
Thumbs up!

JL said...

Wow, that is one long journey. To be sure it must be very enjoying but I loled at the train ticket price - I probably can't afford it for now.

Ju Ann said...

Amsterdam - you studied there?

Sigh I am envious!

It is so damn fun to hop onto a train and then be at another place so quickly, and so conveniently hor?

Like, just 1 hour and the place is all different again!

How much did you spend? Do you recall?

pusangkalye said...

must have been a very memorable part of your life Falcon as not everybody gets the chance to travel accross Europe--and by train----with the beautiful scenery everywhere---i think it really is the best way to go.....

Borneo Falcon said...

I wish I had Kikey back then as my travel companion :) Anyway, I am still a lone ranger when it comes to travel. I prefer to travel at my own pace and see things I like.

Anyway, I don't study in Amsterdam, I studied in England. Just start my train journey from Amsterdam.

I still in the process of scanning my old photos. So, it will take sometime before I upload some of my European trips. I just start to upload my British trip now.

It's been almost 10 years now since I left Europe. It's a shame digital camera was not created that time. Otherwise, I shall able to share more photos here.

Borneo Falcon said...

Oh ya, I remember I allocated some GBP 1,000 for the trip (I reckon that include the train ticket)

acura said...

Traveling across Europe sounds like a very exciting adventure. But the European rail timetable looks very complicated.

Bout the room, it's an apartment in Imperial Hotel. Very comfy. Did you do your internship in Miri too?

traveler said...

how many days you spend for it? How much? will you out some infos about hostels for backpackers in each country?