Monday, April 13, 2009

MSSA Ball 1998

I attended my first formal ball when I was a university student in 1998. The ball was organised by Malaysian Singaporean Students' Association (MSSA) at a hotel in Bristol.

This is the time where we get to dress up for an occasion. Dinner jacket is a common attire for men when attending such formal in the UK. As I don't had a dinner jacket, I just wear my usual coat and tie to the gathering.

I also remember I walked about 20 minutes to reach the hotel from my hall of residence (Manor Hall) in the cold winter.

It's a shame that I could not remember all the person I took photograph with that night. I remember these 2 lovely ladies are Singaporean.

This tall lady is also a Singaporean and play really good tennis. I reckon she is taller or having the same height as me. I think she represented Singapore in some tennis tournament or something.

This is Benjamin, my junior

Chan Chee Kiang (Civil Engineering) and Jun (Doctor)

Dan Nguyen from Vietnam. He is also known as "Dan the Man"

My coursemate, Wen from Taiwan

Kevin from Malaysia, also my coursemate

I forgot his name. He is from Hong Kong

Here is the rest of the photos taken that night. When it comes to such formal, the food is nothing to shout about. I had a great time there and had the opportunity to mingle with other Asian students from the university who I don't see much as they were from other faculties (Note: There were hardly and girls in the Engineering Faculty).


amycheah said...

I think this is always a sweet memories in one's life.

Superman said...

You forget all the lovely girls name ah? Too bad. Hehe. Really good sometimes when look back old photos. sweet memories.

Ju Ann said...

omg how long ago was this?

Borneo Falcon said...

Photos taken in 1998

soulesscloudy said...

y must wear BLACK?

Borneo Falcon said...

It is not compulsory to wear black though. Guess black blend well in such formal event. I was not wearing black. It was dark blue.

Chin Weng 茶先生 said...

Wah, everyone looks smart and pretty.

Ciela said...

You were such a dashing debonair on your coat and tie. An eye catcher young man huh?! But why do you forget the names of those lovely ladies with you?