Thursday, April 16, 2009

Newcastle upon Tyne

In Northern England, the city of Newcastle is a grim industrial city with a proud shipbuilding heritage (the University of Newcastle is one of the few universities in the UK that offer Marine Engineering course), an industry now in severe decline.

This is the building of the Department of Law, University of Newcastle. I was in Newcastle to visit an old friend of mine who was studying at the university at the time. The university campus is within the city itself.

The city owes much of its character to John Dobson, who remodeled Newcastle along Neoclassical lines in the early 19th century. His most imposing legacy is the sweep of Grey street, leading south from the lofty Grecian column of Grey's Monument, the city's central landmark.

Another city's trademark is the single steel arch of Tyne Bridge, built in 1928

Swing Bridge was probably among the earlier bridge built at the city. The bridge will able to swing and allow a bigger vessel to pass through it.

Here are the row of bridges across the Tyne River (photo taken at The Quayside) in the following order; Tyne Bridge, Swing Bridge, High Level Bridge, QE II Bridge (Metro Bridge) & King Edward Bridge.

For the football fan, St. James Park, the home to Newcastle United is also situated at the city.

Newcastle is also the base to explore Hadrian's Wall, a second century barricade that stretches from east to west coast. Regular trains and hourly buses on the Newcastle-Carlisle route pass by many of the sites.


Superman said...

Newcastle is nice. So you got catch any football match there?

Josephine said...

the place looks really clean...

escape said...

beautiful europe. such a beautiful continent to travel.

Borneo Falcon said...

My friend told me the football fans there are very emotional. There was once when Newcastle United was eliminated from FA Cup semi final and the city was a chaos after the match. Hence, I don't dare to watch the football match at St. James Park

Piggiemily said...

You look so young then... keke!