Wednesday, April 8, 2009


About 1 hour drive from Exeter and 2 hours drive from Bristol is the city of Plymouth. Plymouth is rich with maritime history and background based on several attractions available here. Even University of Plymouth offers some maritime courses such as marine engineering and marine business, just to name a few.

The Barbican is Plymouth's historic harbour where one can visit the Elizabethan House and Mayflower Steps

I was in Plymouth in when I was a university student. I was visiting my course mate's hometown. This is me with Clint Fenwick and his girlfriend at the time, Emma. Clint is one of my best friend back then but we lose contact now.

Plymouth Dome is probably the most well known tourist attraction here. Winner of 11 awards, including the England for Excellence "Tourism for All" award, Plymouth Dome has established itself in Britain's premier league of heritage attractions.

Smeaton's Tower is formerly known as Eddystone Lighthouse which was moved to the Hoe in 1884. It is just next to Plymouth Dome

There is an extensive gift shop at the Plymouth Dome and I manage to get a souvenir here.

It is a shame I was only here for 1 day trip. It is such a beautiful city and blessed with nice weather.


Anonymous said...

BF,the place looks very nice,peaceful and breezy =)

Superman said...

Quite town. Really nice to walk around. Like this type of city. I like the breeze.

xsigns said...

Nice another post down memory lane. I lost contact too with my good friends back when I was at Sussex. Wish I can get back in touch with them again.

P.S. Remember to pickup my parcel, a bit worried now.

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Josephine said...

how come never see ur wife in the photos? All those photos taken before u got married?

Borneo Falcon said...

Josephine: My wife photos can be found in some of the older posts. For this post, my wife was not visible here as these photos were taken when I was still studying (and of course still not married yet)