Thursday, April 9, 2009


The uplands northwest of Salisbury were a thriving centre of Neolithic civilization, the greatest legacy of which is Stonehenge. To get to Stonehenge, one will need to travel to the town of Salisbury by either train or bus. Stonehenge is served by daily buses from Salisbury. Tours are also available at the bus station.

The stones were thought to have originated in the Presili Mountains of southern Wales

The layout of the site and the name of the stones at different area.

The great and ancient stone circle of Stonehenge is one of the wonders of the world, as old as many of the great temples and pyramids of Egypt. Stonehenge stands impressively and enigmatically as a prehistoric monument of unique importance, a World Heritage Site, surrounded by the remains of ceremonial and domestic structures-some older than the monument itself.

Stonehenge's orientation on the rising and setting sun has always been one of its remarkable features. Whether this was simply because the builder came from a sun worshipping cultures, or because as some scholars believe, the circle and its banks were part of a huge astronomical calendar, remains a mystery

One will be given an Audio Tour just like what I had in my hands. It kind of eliminate the need of a custodian tours. One can actually explore and enjoy the stones at the preferred pace. Each point at the site are numbered and all one need to do is to punch the number on the Audio Tour to listen to its background, history and etc.

The stones themselves are controversially fenced off to prevent further tourist erosion. It's a shame I were unable to even touch the stone with this restriction.

My journey there was completed by a visit to the Stonehenge gift shop where I got myself a souvenir to bring back home.


Bunga said...

oh di situ ya di ambilnya foto oto windowXP
lam kenal aja

xsigns said...

Another awesome post! Its a good and bad thing that they fence off the area. If they didn't fence it off, most visitors like yourself will touch and even take a piece off the stone for souvenir! If that happens then you can be sure that the world heritage site won't last long.

P.S. Have to make time for the pickup man.

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amycheah said...

oh no, I love this place. Will dream about it tonite...hahaha

Superman said...

Until today also people still wondering what is the stonehenge for actually. Nobody have the answer yet. But the architectural wise is advance.

soulesscloudy said...

wow.. hopefully i can go there... I only been to Angkor Wat.. one of the wonder of the world.. hehehe

Kuching Remisier Blog said...

this place looks amazing.. how they make this old time..

I AM A BLOGGER said...

omg, i really wanted to go to tat place. it seems to mysterious!!!! U look so different tat time...hehe

JL said...

Like the pyramids in Egypt, the Stonehenge is mysterious. I'd love to see more of the place.

tripzibit said...

I wish i could go there. Maybe some other time