Friday, October 10, 2008

Mizuno Lightning Wave 3 Review

In badminton, shoes are usually the last equipment in most player's mind but to me it is one of the essential equipment for the sport. In fact my priority is more on the shoes than the badminton racquet. A neat footwork and a good grip on the court will ensure a player has the upper hand.

Somewhere last year I bought this shoes, the Mizuno Lightning Wave 3. It costs me some RM300++ but it is worth it.

The shoes provide good grip on the court, light and comfortable to wear while playing competitive game

The most important feature on this shoes is the "wave" technology embedded into the shoes. The model "wave" plate layout distributes impact over the entire surface. It provides a high level of both cushioning and stability.

The waves act as suppression in the direction of impact, softening the shock of landing. It also suppress the collapsing inwards at the right angles to the progress direction

The shoes definitely provide better shock absorption compare to other badminton shoes I tried before. In fact I hardly feel the shock effect after and during playing session. For aging player like me, proper shock dissipation is essential to avoid joint pain in the future especially the ankle, knee and hips area.

The shoes front area are also reinforced with this tough rubber/fiber.

My only issue with this shoes is this slight tear on the side of the shoes. It should have been manufactured with a more durable material as this is a high stress areas

Overall, Mizuno wave shoes definitely received my approval and I am likely to get another of this brand should my current shoes is no longer fit to play anymore.

With the "wave" technology, Mizuno shoes should be a good for running and jogging as well. The "wave" technology is pretty well illustrated in their website. I will definitely try one after my existing running shoes had wear off.


the spool artist said...

thanks for the review! how often do you play badminton?

the asian traveler said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll probably tell this to my sister and my brother-in-law who are also badminton aficionados.

By the way, I just posted about Stinky Tofu

Borneo Falcon said...

I played badminton once a week

Nanaybelen said...

Wow! your shoes looks like my son's shoes but the brand is Reebok

TNH said...

wow..that's look cool..but the price seem a bit expensive to me..

Seng Ye3 said...

When ppl talk of shoes always talk of Nike. Which one is better? >.<

salingPUSA said...

light----comfy, good bounce, what more can you ask for. good review.

chubskulit said...

Whew, Kodus for your thorough review on the shoes. I still like Nike though lol, sowi..

Joops said...

Looks good, I think I may have to try it when my Nike wore out..

rose said...

Whoa, I think Misuno owe you a lot for this one.. great review!

Andrew said...

I'm worn out 2 pairs of Hi-tec shoes over the past 2 years and currently on my third pair (which has a hole by the side now). They dont last very long. Hows the durability of your Mizunos?

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