Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bukit Lima Forest Park

Just about 6km from Sibu town, is a recreation park called Bukit Lima Forest Park. It is a popular place for the Sibu folks to jog and walk.

This is the arch at the entrance of the park. For those who are environmental friendly and decided to cycle here, one can park the bicycle near the shelter for the Forestry Department officer, just next to this arch. In fact, it was the officer there that offer to look after my bicycle as he sensed I had my worry as to where to secure my bicycle safely.

There is a children playground at the park. This playground is under utilized.

This is where the journey start.

The layout of the forest park. It consists of 2 treks, the Bukit Lima Trek and the Ta Ann Trek. Bukit Lima trek is the original trek of this forest park. Ta Ann trek was introduced later.

A few things to notice. When it rained, the walking platform will get pretty slippery. I personally slipped a few times here. However, I never had any incident with falling branches.

Here are some of the view while walking at the wooden plank in the forest park. The park is suitable to be visited even on a scorching afternoon as the shades provided by the surrounding trees are sufficient to cool the visitors.

About 5 minutes into the park from the starting point, one will come across a stream. One end will lead to a housing area while the other end will led to somewhere I had no idea of. Maybe I will venture further to find out more in the future.

Just next to the stream is a look out tower

Here are the aerial view from the look out tower. I spotted a few monkeys here but they were too fast and manage to flee the area before I can capture them on my camera

Wild fern seems to thrive here

Some of the parasite plants sighted

As well as some wild plants observed

Beautiful leaf and flower

Shelters are available the park. The shelters are useful as it might rain out of nowhere.

The wooden planks here were numbered. I can't make sense out of it but I reckon it is the distance travelled.

While walking the Bukit Lima Trek, the trek will branch off to Ta Ann Trek. The Ta Ann Trek is about 2.5km. The Ta Ann Trek is longer than the original Bukit Lima Trek.

Ta Ann Trek will terminate back at another part of Bukit Lima Trek. One can opt to complete the Bukit Lima Trek from here (which I estimate another 2km) or walk back to starting point at a shorter distance of 1.6km

Some of the taller trees at the park.

The park is mainly used by joggers and for those who use the park to exercise. It is a shame that there is no trek for jungle trekking, which I believe would be interesting


Superman said...

Nice place to jog. Now the place is attracting more and more people to job over there. I want to go there sometime if can.

Josephine said...

I love nature park...
But I hate to get tanned...

Anonymous said...

nice jungle walk.

amycheah said...

hmmm...by looking at ur pics, I can smell the fresh air! I jz love green...

jam said...

So shame to say that I have never been to Bukit Lima Forest Park.

kegler747 said...

I love the ferns and the flowers here :)

Anonymous said...

It's really great to stroll in a forest recreation park like this...i tried one in spore at a late morning and it's cooling despite the hot sun. yeah, the authorities should do more to upgrade it. Thanks for sharing, bro!

Ciela said...

This is a fantastic nature park. Cool!