Friday, May 9, 2008

Sibu Town Square

This is the iconic building in Sibu, the Sanyan Building which also the tallest building in Sarawak. It is situated at the town centre, next to the town square, which also the largest in Malaysia. The building houses the some government departments, Sibu municipal council and a few corporate organizations. The lower 5 floors is the shopping complex, probably the best place to shop in Sibu. The anchor tenant is Parkson Ria. I personally can finish shop inside it within 30 minutes. There are few fashion boutiques which are crowded during festive season. There are handful computer shops inside the complex also but nothing to shout about. The good point is it is well maintained and clean.

The leaders here had picked Swan as the symbol to symbolize the town. Hence, there are about 3 statues around the town to get the message across the visitors. There is 1 statue as shown in the town square. I have no idea why swan is picked. Sibu don't have any history with swan, let alone any swan can be sighted here. The leaders here said that it is to symbolize the gracefulness of the people here. Frankly, the people here still behave like a barbarians if the way they drive and park their cars are taken into consideration.

In the town square, you will notice this horses statue (with the swan statue at the background). There is a marble ball which claimed by the leaders here is strategically placed to enhanced the town "Feng Sui". The swan statue also claimed by them been placed strategically for "Feng Shui" purpose. I hate to say this but I have yet to see any major good fortune for the town except more floods in the recent years. Probably the "Feng Shui" mentioned earlier is to ehanced the good fortune for the corrupted leaders here. There used to be water coming out from the marble ball and create a fountain or some sort. The ball will be spinning/revolve around its axis. However, the water is long gone as the maintance is high and the "barbarians" keep throwing coins into the fountain and probably damage the water pump in the process.

This is another interesting structure which can be found in the town square. One might think there is a Disneyland castle right in the middle of the town square. It was erected during the last X'mas and had been standing there ever since. I believe it is a good structure and it make the town square more attractive. However, it is placed in parking lots, taking about 14 car parks with it.

This is "Chuan Corridor" just recently built by some chinese association here. The concept is good but the end product is a letdown. The pedestrian path is make of cement and it is still rough with no smooth surface as it should be (considering the amount of money put into building it. Where the money goes?).

Well, I only show the phase 1 of the town square and it is indeed a beautiful and clean place. It will host the annual Borneo Culture Festival around end of June to early July (2 weeks). There will be stages, cultural performances and stalls selling traditional foods every night. It is one of the main event in this town to attract tourists locally and internationally.

I shall show the Sibu town square phase 2 in due time.

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