Thursday, May 22, 2008

Home Made Fire Etinguisher

Need a fire extinguisher in emergency? Remember, you can fabricate one with some basic items. You will need:

  1. Large plastic bottle with a narrow opening (the 1.5ℓ mineral bottle will be fine)
  2. Baking Soda
  3. Vinegar

What to do

  1. fill bottle with ¾ full with baking soda
  2. pour vinegar into the bottle
  3. aim the bottle mouth towards the fire. Bubbly liquid will shoot out of the mouth of the bottle. After the bubbly liquid reaches the flames, they will die out.

Why it works?

Fire extinguisher works by removing one of the critical ingredients for a fire, which is oxygen. When vinegar is combined with baking soda, the two react and produce carbon dioxide gas or CO2. The CO2 gas produced is heavier molecular weight than does the surrounding air, which is comprised primary of nitrogen and oxygen, so the CO2 sinks into the bottom. As the reaction continues, more and more carbon dioxide gas is produced, displacing the oxygen. When the level of carbon dioxide exceed to the level of the flame, the flame will go out from lack of oxygen.

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