Monday, May 5, 2008

Ship's Safety Plan

It is compulsory under IMO regulation (International Maritime Organization) that every ship has a safety plan as shown above. The safety plan should be colour coded with IMO symbol and displayed for general viewing. Safety plan can be found at each deck on passenger vessel.

In addition to that, safety plan should also be kept in a weathertight container as shown above and positioned at PORT and STBD of the vessel. This will be used as reference for the fire fighting team or rescue team from the shore. It is however difficult to maintain the weathertight integrity of the container as water still seems to find a way in and create moisture inside the container and damage the safety plan in long run. The moisture also cost the coloured symbol to fade. Laminating it seems be a good option to prolong the life of the safety plan


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please on what document on the ship will you find safety and emergency plan