Thursday, July 14, 2011

Floria 2011 Gardens

Rose are mainly incorporated in the gardens' designed by the corporate bodies, state governments, government agencies, universities and schools since this year theme is centred around the flower.

The layout of "The Penang Island Garden" is a combination of various tourism products and garden components epitomize George Town as a tourist destination and garden city. An entrance statement of the garden is a ferry and next to it, a replica of Fort Cornwallis with three cats resembling Penang's mascot CAT (Competency, Accountability Transparency) waving as visitor walk into the garden reflecting the warmth greetings of Penangites welcoming guest to the Penang States.

As the visitors progress, the trail leads them to a pond surrounded by palm trees and as the visitors walk on, a Rose garden and Pinang Walk lead visitors to the Heritage Garden.

The garden by the National Landscape Department incorporates green elements and steel. Both element complement each other and well combined in the sense of mix and match. The mixture of both elements, where the hardness of steel structure softened by the green and fresh flowers and well blended ingredients in design.

The Transparent Rose Garden used a lot of roses which reflect the meaningful of life. The formation of rose's petals as a part of waterfall (like a water pond) is a main pulse to this rose's garden that become a focal point located at the centre of the garden.

Water element play as a symbol of nature in the natural ecosystem to balance the environment in the rose's garden. In the same time, it can be a source of transparency that can reflects to the rose's garden.

I also spot a garden which used recycled items to construct a decent looking garden.

Some of the other gardens created by the government agencies at the site.

The gardens set up by various private and public universities in Malaysia. I must say the designs are just above average as I find last year gardens in the universities category were better than this year.

These gardens are designed by the secondary schools in Malaysia and I'm impressed with their creativity and innovation. The designs definitely had increased a notch compared to last year.


Henry Lee said...

i wanted to go for this floria but didnt have enuf time. Thanks for sharing, nice pic

bekahjane said...

enjoyed the pics!

Mac Data Recovery said...

The pictures show how great the place was and I really appreciate posts like these that share amazing wonders.