Monday, July 11, 2011

Floria 2011: 1Malaysia International Tourism Night Floral Parade

This year, the organiser of Putrajaya Floria 2011 introduce a new feature where decorated boats will parade every night (8.55 - 9.30pm) during the whole duration of the event.

I was there during the opening ceremony and the audiences were treated with stunning firework display before the parade began.

There are a total of 13 boats and the first one to parade is the boat from Ministry of Tourism. It has the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and Malay Kampung House on it.

The boat from Putrajaya Corporation is decorated with flowers all over it.

The YTL Hotels display their hotels branches around the world as well as their latest product, the 4G mobile internet "YES".

Brunei Government has contribute greatly to the event this year with their boat which depicts the identity of the country.

The boat from i-City which is decorated with the LED lights, pretty much the same as the one in i-City, Shah Alam.

Genting also join the parade with the boat decorated with their easy recognised hotel buildings found at the hilltop resort.

Some of the State Governments also join this year parade namely Malacca, Pahang, Terengganu, Perlis and Perak,

Air Asia's boat almost did not make it in the opening ceremony as it developed some glitches where it was seen to suffer constant blackout before the parade.

Well, the last boat is actually the cruise boat from Putrajaya Cruise. It was rather unexpected but definitely a nice appearance by them


I AM A BLOGGER said...

Wow, quite a grand event!!!!~~I hd been thre last year, so fast oredy a year~~

wenn said...

simply amazing..thanks for sharing.

Netto Drumz said...

Hmm..I think they didn't promote this event big enough..haven't heard of that,..but will want to go =p

was the distance very far from whr you stand...based from the photo :)

Borneo Falcon said...

neTToboy: The boats will pass by close enough to be viewed from the lakeside.