Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bibik House Cendol

At one end of the Jonker Street, just opposite the cultural grand stand I spotted a desert shop called Bibik House and decided to give it a try. Besides selling cendol, the shop also sell a variety of bakery product.

There is a container of palm sugar (gula melaka) on every table for the customer to add more sweetness to their desert.

This is the normal cendol (RM 3.50). Strange thing is the jelly worm was not topped on the cendol. Instead, it came separately. There is nothing much beneath those thick ice. It also did not taste that great either. The price for a bowl of cendol here is expensive and totally not worth it.

The same can be say for the durian cendul (RM 4.50). It is exactly the same as the normal bowl of cendol with the exception of durian flavour topping.

This is not the best Baba cendol in the town. There are definitely a better and cheaper one down the street as I explored in the next few days


Reanaclaire said...

oh, i never been there before.. malacca seems to have lots to offer..

wenn said...

love it!