Wednesday, May 19, 2010

TV3 Jom Heboh @ Putrajaya

TV3 Jom Heboh carnival has been around for some time now and Putrajaya hosted the event last week.

This is the first time I visited the carnival after watching it on my television for years. Finally, I had the chance to soak into the atmosphere. The event was held at Precint 2 and coincide with the National Youth Day Carnival which also held at the same venue.

It appears that Hotlink was the main sponsor for the event based on their brand been displayed conspicuously at the site.

I was here in the afternoon and it was bloody hot where the public were scrambling for shades under the trees and etc. The heat wave however did not dampen their spirit to throng the site.

There was a workshop for the ladies on how to groom themselves especially on the wedding day.

A few live shows were held here such as the "Melodi" programme which was shot live here.

The main stage where there was a concert at night which usually a crowd puller.

The carnival also gave a chance to the public to have their photos taken as they are actually a news readers and performers for the TV shows.

Souvenirs were also on sale here. This is probably once in my lifetime chance to come to this carnival although they had this sort carnival several times in a year at different locations around Malaysia


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Interesting & fun.

M-Knight said...

this so cool always wanted to go to the TV3 JOm Heboh but never has the chance to go

Kev said...

never been to a Jom Heboh at all though it comes around the neighbourhood annually. Too much of noise, and too crowded :)

Unknown said...

this is the 1st time jom heboh held on Putrajaya...but not really happening like another place..tak banyak sangat booth tv3 yang ada...

Unknown said...

forgot to promote myself..ahahaha..i cannot leave link at chatbox la because it has been block at my workplace..feel free to vsit mine okies..

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