Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crawler Crane Training Course

Last week, I was attending a 5 days crawler crane course in Subang area. Crawler crane is a type of crane which can carry load and run on its crawler track.

This is our training room in Subang. It is kind of small but comfortable. This is where we learn the theory of the crawler crane parts, non destructive testing, slinging & rigging techniques and reading load chart.

When we got our assignments, we tend to break up and discuss among our team mates. Some even resort to having discussion on the floor for more privacy.

The NDT practical and demonstration been carried out.

On the 4th day, we visited Tat Hong Plant in Shah Alam to have our hand on experience with the actual crawler crane .

There are many type of models of crawler crane inside this office. Some of the Transformers fan might mistaken them as the Constructicons.

This is our group photo at the plant. It was a mixture of old timer and green horn like myself during the duration of this course and I am glad to be given the opportunity to mingle with them as I was able to gain invaluable knowledge based on their vast experience.

Everyone was having a good laugh at this mini crawler crane as we thought initially we were suppose to operate with it.

The old and young officers having a light moment at the plant

The repair bay inside the Tat Hong Plant

This is the biggest crawler crane here, the DEMAG CC2800. The old timer once again did the inspection and pass on their vast knowledge to us.

Our assessment here at the plant was to maneuvre the load in the L shaped track using the crawler crane. The purpose is to give us the idea of how difficult it is to really operate a crane.

On our final day, we had to sit for a 2 hours (3 papers) written assessment and what a relief to all the delegates after finishing the papers.

At the end of the day, everyone was rewarded with certificate of competency to inspect crawler crane and as an assessor to crawler crane operator


CathJ said...

Wow.. playing with big toys now huh.. ^_^

all the best..

escape said...

let me operate a crane and ill be very very happy. when i was a kid, we used to play around an old crane. so i miss seeing cranes.

d'rendezvous'la said...

macam kenal je tempat... hehehe

Jeely said...

How to attend the course? how much for it fee?