Sunday, May 30, 2010

Charm Cheerleading Championships 2010

I was walking around 1 Utama when I came across an interesting event which was ongoing there, the Charm Cheerleading Championships.

I got to admit this is my first time seeing so many young and energetic cheerleaders around. In fact, I enjoy looking at their preparation before the real event.

Most of the teams were locals but a few teams from South East Asia took part in the championships.

My heart probably lose a beat when the teams performed some dangerous routine such as tossing a members high up into the air. There were a few near misses but at the end of the day, there was no serious incident or injury.

I notice most of the teams performed their routines in an orderly fashion although some fumbles at some more difficult routines.

The judges probably had the most hard time giving marks to each team and at the same time maintaining their concentration as the event went on from 10am-7pm.

This is the team which I predict to win this championships. I watched their routine. Not only it was entertaining but some of their moves were difficult to achieve.


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escape said...

it is also popular here and talents are really revealed through their performance.

xsigns said...

It will be a great help if you can give a detailed walkthrough of how you manage to go to 1 Utama and/or The Curve as well as IOI Mall via public transport as those places are considered out of the way from KL. SUnway Pyramid included. Peace man.